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Debra Paget

In a town like Hollywood a girl like Debra is bound to be a “puzzlement.” But the fact is, she really does have so much fun with her family she’s never wanted to look elsewhere for a good time. Recently, Debra and her family moved to a new house. The renting agent couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the gang. “Err . . . are all these people yours, Mrs. Griffin?” he stuttered. Deb’s mother assured him they were—all nine of them. For sister Teala, her husband and their two babies were over so often, they decided to move in permanently with Deb, her Mom and Pop and the two younger sisters!


From the patio of the new house, visitors look up with awe at the three levels above. A stairway leads from the backyard to the second floor where Debra has her room—a vision of pink walls, white satin drapes and red velvet spread. No wonder Debra’s eyes light up when she shows it to her friends. But there’s another reason for her shining eyes—sister Lorna has a contract with Universal-International! “She’s the family clown and has great talent,” beams Debra, who celebrated by painting their car lilac! “You never know what my family will do,” says her dad. “And Debra’s the most unpredictable of all!”



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