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Babies Just Babies!—Shirley Jones

Two years ago, Shirley Jones proved she could act with the best of ’em—and got an Oscar to show for it. Today, she’s proving that stardom, marriage and motherhood can be blended into a design for living free from scandal and gossip. There is no statue to attest to her success as a wife and mother only a very happy husband (singer-actor Jack Cassidy) and two sons (Shaun and Patrick). No one values their successful family life more than the Cassidys themselves, and they work hard to keep it. When she had to go to Rome to film “Dark Purpose,” she was determined not to be separated from the whole family. If Jack couldn’t go, at least the boys could. At her film’s end, Shirley hurried to New York City so Daddy Jack could live in’ a happy whirl of babies, too.

Wherever Shirley goes, so go her “two little angels”—five-year-old. Shaun and eighteen-month-old Patrick Cassidy. In Rome ( where these photos were taken), to do a movie, Shirley spent every off-set moment with her hoys. Her husband Jack Cassidy would have made the trek, too, hut he was busy in Mew York winning raves for his performance in Broadway’s “She Loves Me.” At film’s end, Shirley and company flew to New York for a reunion of the whole talented Cassidy clan.



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