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Hollywood’s Newest Saturday Night Craze

Guess What Tuesday Talked Elvis Into Just when I thought Tuesday Weld had settled down, she dreamed up the maddest thing in years—a hidden mike party—and talked Elvis into giving one with her. The guests never guessed their every word was being mysteriously wicked up. When...

Connie Francis: “Gee Will I Ever Get Married?”

Connie Francis sat at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, eating cake and leisurely thumbing through the paper, while her mother made dinner. She stopped at the Society page and stared thoughtfully. One face seemed especially familiar. Sure enough, it was her old Junior High School...

Go Out To A Movie

CRITIC’S CHOICE Warners; Panavision, Technicolor; Director, Don Weis; Producer, Frank P. Rosenberg (Adult) WHO’S IN IT? Bob Hope, Lucille Ball. Marilyn Maxwell, Rip Torn, Jim Backus....

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