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Why Joan had To Learn Judo?

No, you’re not seeing things—that really is Joan Crawford throwing a strapping gentleman. And it wasn’t any kind of rivalry that made her do it. Joan had to learn Judo for her role as a nurse in a mental institution in UA’s “The Caretakers.” Polly Bergen (top) plays a hysterical patient whom Joan has to subdue. To get ready for her part, Joan practiced Judo with expert Bruce Tegner. By the time the scene was ready for filming, Joan could throw her teacher. Her penchant for perfection paid off. Anybody want to try for two falls out of three?

He flies through the air . . . with not too much discomfort. After all, Bruce is the Judo teacher. But did she have to be such a quick study? Joan, who grins happily at impressed onlookers, says her rule about keeping in shape ready pays off. By next week she’ll be ready to take on two champs.


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