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Photoplay’s Photolife Of Gloria DeHaven

Early in the morning of July 23, 1924, a daughter was born to a famous vaudeville team. The parents were Mr. and Mrs. Carter De Haven. They christened their baby Gloria.

The De Havens knew that show business is a tough business. They were determined that Gloria wouldn’t go through the things they had experienced. When little Gloria showed a marked talent for the stage—even as a child—her mother resolved that she would never be a child prodigy and so Gloria led the life of any normal girl. She studied at a private school in Los Angeles. Then Mrs. De Haven’s resolution weakened a little . . . and at the age of twelve Gloria went to Edward Clark’s Little Theater school.

And then things began to happen.

Today Gloria De Haven is one of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s most popular young stars. You’ll see her next in “You Are Beautiful”

David Selznick was searching for a youngster to play Becky in “Tom Sawyer.” He gave the part to Gloria. What he forgot was that adolescents grow fast. By the time “Tom Sawyer” was ready for production, she had outgrown the role. A crestfallen Gloria was told, “You’re too old.” She was really getting on in years—she was thirteen.

The next break—“Susan And God.” Gloria had dressed too old before. But this time—a little older in months, much younger in looks—the solemn-faced Enid sat for wardrobe tests.

Sixteen and a high-school graduate. Gloria and her brother went to a night club where Bob Crosby’s band was playing. He asked if she’d like an audition. She said yes. Afterward—so did Bob.

Gloria was a great hit with the band and toured for nine months Her specialty was ballads like “Embraceable You.” Traveling, cheap hotels, waiting for trains—was pretty tough

From the band back to pictures with drama coach Lillian Burns taking over. She taught Gloria the tricks of the acting trade. Gloria sincerely believes that “Practice makes perfect”

Note the switch to blonde locks? But whether blonde or brunette, Gloria is superstitious. She rehearses dance routines in her mother’s old dancing slippers—keeps them “for luck”

A movie star doesn’t have much spare time. But Gloria still found a little time lo relax. Her favorite way to spend a day off was to go picnicking on the beach or in the country.

Her home life in Hollywood with her mother and sister Marjorie was simple. She never quite mastered kitchen technique, except cake-making which these days John Payne delights over.

In her home, lying in front of the fire, Gloria indulges in one of her favorite hobbies—listening to mysteries on the radio. She’s tense, excited, as she awaits the drama’s outcome.

Love came along and his name was John Payne. He and Gloria were married at a simple wartime ceremony. Since then—Gloria’s a brownette again and they’ve happily announced the stork’s on the way—will arrive, in fact, with the Yule season.



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