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Featuring Five-Star Dress


Career Girl………………Lori Nelson

Sophisticate….Beverly Michaels

Outdoor Girl…….Elaine Stewart

Cinderella…………Barbara Ruick

Demure…………..Dawn Addams

T he little star you have been seeing in PHOTOPLAY STAR FASHIONS is suddenly real. Now it s more than a picture: it’s an exciting piece of rhinestone jewelry that you can wear a hundred lovely ways—a perfect, basic accessory. The secret of its many uses is in the little catch closing at the tip of one of its points: it can be clipped to your bracelet or watch, to a necklace chain or ribbon, or slipped onto a bar pin, pinned to your scarf, your shoulder, your pocket or belt or bag. (See the ways five stars wear it on the following pages.) Above you see it magnified to five times its size, and at left, it’s shown actual size. It’s a little less than one inch long and wide, covered on both sides with sparkling rhinestones.

The Photoplay Star is both a jewel and a symbol. It means glamourous good fashion! It’s the wearable symbol of your PHOTOPLAY STAR FASHIONS . . . your guide to good style. Here on these pages every month, you’ll find the very latest fashions— selected for you by the stars—at prices everyone can afford. And to make your fashion news even more exciting and fun, the movie stars themselves will wear the fashions and The Star, in every fashion photo shown in Photoplay. Copy the wonderful ways the stars wear their Stars . . . and dream up your own imaginative ways! Watch Photoplay for fashion … and watch for The Star when you shop. You’ll see it pictured on the tags attached to all the styles you see here, tags that read, “A PHOTOPLAY STAR FASHION.”

Lori wears the dress to work with its own chiffon scarf and three dazzling NEW Photoplay Stars pinned on with a Coro bar pin. Her new 1953 daytime accessories: Madcaps rose felt cloche; Coronet long, slim navy calf bag, both, under $13; Wear Right blonde cotton gloves, under $4; Speyer blonde hide belt with real watch, under $9; navy calf Beck pumps, $6.99. Lori’s next picture: “Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki’’’

Sophisticate Beverly Michaels, new Universal star, wears the dress to Ciro’s, dramatically accented with black for cocktail time. Fringed velvet stole by Glentex, about $5; rhinestone-studded velveteen cocktail hat, Madcaps, under $7; Dawnelle cotton shorties with gold kid bracelet cuff, about $7; Beck black velvet sandals, $6.99; and Coro rhinestone drop earrings and bracelet, about $2 and $4 plus tax

Demure Dawn Addams, in M-G-M’s “Plymouth Adventure,” uses the dress as a spring coat. Red felt feather hat, Betmar, $9; polka dot cotton Dawnelle shorties, $4; bronze patent contour belt, Speyer, under $3; calf opera pumps, Queen Quality, $12.95. She clips the Star to her Deltah choker, which comes in her tortoise shell carryette, both, $12.75.. Deltah earrings, $1 plus tax. Pink umbrella, N. Y. Umbrella Co., $5

Cinderella Barbara Ruick of M-G-M’s “Apache War Smoke” wears the dress to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, giving it glamour with Speyer elasticized gold mesh belt, under $3; Madcaps black-dyed Russian fox muff, under $40, and sequin hat, under $8; Beck gold kid sandals, $6.99; Dawnelle gloves, $5; and LaTausca pearl ’n gold earrings, $2, choker, $5, bib, $6 plus tax

Outdoor-Girl Elaine Stewart of M-G-M’s “The Bad and the Beautiful” makes the same dress completely casual with Speyer three-in-one cowhide belt, under $3; Wear Right string gloves, $1.95; Coronet russet leather satchel bag, $10.95 plus tax; Betmar wool jersey stocking cap, about $5; Atlas copper heraldic bracelet and earrings, $2 each plus tax; Beck patent stripling shoe, $5.99. Elaine pins a Photoplay Star jauntily to her cap



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