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Pat Boone’s 4-Year-Old Daughter Cherry Tells Us—

I was flower-girl when Auntie Jenny Foley and Uncle Les got married. Daddy took pictures. Early Saturday morning Momma woke me up. Everybody was still sleeping. She showed me how to go down the stairs with the flowers. There were twenty-eight steps. I counted as I went down to Momma.

Some men brought a big cake into our house and put it on the table. It had pink icing and looked very pretty.

People stood in line and shook hands with Auntie Jenny and Uncle Les. They drove away in a car with tin cans on the back. I asked Daddy if I could be a bride. He said “Someday” and then my Daddy kissed me.

Before the wedding started, Aunt Jenny kissed me. Daddy sang “Because” and the “Lord’s Prayer” from our balcony. Mommy had on the same color dress as mine. She was beautiful. When Uncle Les put the ring on Aunt Jenny’s finger, Momma cried. And soon Grandpa Foley was crying too.



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