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    The King Abdicates—Clark Gable

    Clark Gable walked slowly to his car, passed the gateman who touched his hat as usual in a good-night salute, across the familiar road that separated the M-G-M gate from the stars’ and executives’ parking lot. He didn’t glance back. Clark Gable was walking off the...

    Lonesome on Top Of The World

    For the love of Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra risked his career, almost ended it with his stormy marriage, Today he’s hack on top of the world. But alone, it’s an empty victory...

    Hollywood Party Line

    If most Hollywood didn't have “preemitis” this month, it wasn’t the fault of the studios which fancy-preemed two big pictures within a week of each other. One of these preems was followed by a large party. But there were other openings and parties that brought...