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That’s Hollywood For You

Kim Novak is now keeping a diary! . . . Hollywood hasn’t a Times Square. It doesn’t dig anything square, man. . . . I avoid seeing movies with such titles as “I Was a Teen-age Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.” . . . Ingrid Bergman always looks like a governess to me. . . . It’s the same old song and dance with Rick Nelson and Laurie Collins. . . Jerry Lewis is a sure bet to like a Jerry Lewis movie and TV show. . . . Curt Jurgens admits that he has taken out Zsa Zsa Gabor and likes her. “Going out with Zsa Zsa you don’t have to worry about conversation.” . . . The most spectacular thing about Fred Astaire’s TV spectaculars is Barrie Chase. She has a body that never ends. Barrie also plays Tommy Sands’ girlfriend in “Mardi Gras.” Just thought I’d tip you. . . . Description of Dinah Shore’s TV show: She’s an airline hostess and all the performers are the passengers. . . . Which Barrymore never won an Oscar? . . . “The only thing I know about The Method,” Charles Coburn told me, “is that my motivation is the salary check.” . . . Brigitte Bardot uses The Method, too, and hers needs no explanation. . . . Private Elvis Presley said it: “Sergeant. what do you do when you feel too well in the morning.” 

Sandra Dee sings TV commercials to you while dancing. . . . I’m often confused if it is Bing’s or Bob’s Cathy who spells it with a “K” or a “C”. . . . And just when I was getting adjusted to the Martin and Lewis separation, along came Jerry Lee Lewis and Rowan and Martin. I guess if I forget them all it won’t matter. . . . But I mustn’t forget to tell you that it was John Barrymore, greatest of the clan. who missed an Oscar. . . . Julie London talks to herself from time to time. And I’d like to get close enough to listen. . . . Sophia Loren used to look as if she was going to explode. . . . I think the applause signs in the TV studios, instructing the audience to applaud a song, dance, or gag, are as dishonest as slipping the contestant the correct answer on a quiz program. . . . France Nuyen’s success pleases me. It couldn’t have happened to a finer girl. . . . Have patience with John Saxon. Remember Tony Curtis? . . . Edie Adams is quite a girl in my book. Despite Ernie Kovacs’ mustache and long cigars, she adores him. . . . I’m informed by Charles Boyer that in France Brigitte Bardot isn’t considered a particularly nude actress. That Martine Carol is considered much nuder. . . . Frank Sinatra to starlet: “Your face and your name escapes me, but your manners are familiar.”

Gene Tierney has the appearance of a lady without needing the white gloves props. . . . Why is it considered typically American to shout “You’re a bum” and worse at a ballplayer—but it’s bad manners to hiss an actor? . . . Whenever I see a girl playing the harp. I look to see if she’s bow-legged. Mamie Van Doren, who played the harp, is. . . . After Keely Smith married Louis Prima, she cut her black hair into the severe lines so familiar today. “I can’t stand for my ears to show,” is Keely’s explanation. . . . Shelley Winters is outspoken. But not by many, I’ll bet.

I’d say Piper Laurie has a passion for acting, working. knowledge, fame and fortune; but no passion for passion. Debra Paget appears taller than she is when she dances. . . . Discussing his television program, Milton Berle told me: “I’m not going to sing, dance or tell jokes. I’m just going to stand there and be a smash like Dick Clark.” . . . Jeff Chandler must be worrying. His nice gray hair is beginning to turn brown. . . . Interview: “For this story we got a different angle,” said the director. “We’re calling it ‘Son of Robin Hood.’ ” “So,” asked the interviewer, “who plays the son?” “Well,” said the director, “it isn’t as simple as that. You see, the son of Robin Hood turns out to be his daughter.” That’s Hollywood for you.



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