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Love in Bloom: Jane Powell and Gene Nelson have been advised to simmer down in public. Jane’s advisers are not yet sure of reaction to Janie’s divorce; and while Jane and Gene are deeply devoted, their lovey-dovey behavior offended some spectators . . . Mona Freeman’s taking instruction, bent on becoming a Catholic again. If he wanted, widower Bing Crosby could remarry in his own faith—if he wanted! . . . Jacques Bergerac must be the love of Ginger Rogers’ life; she is adding weight! She explains, “A Frenchman likes his woman to be womanly.”

It’s Rumored: That Elizabeth Taylor’s right eye is smaller, as a result of the steel-splinter injury she received on “Elephant Walk.” It’s untrue . . . They say there’s trouble in Jane Wyman’s household. T’ain’t true. Because of Hollywood’s economy wave, top musical arranger Freddie Karger got the sack at Columbia after nine years there. And that’s why he looks unhappy . . . It’s reported as fact that Judy Holliday and Pete Lawford fell for each other while working in “A Name for Herself.” But the truth is, she’s happily married, he’s playing the field; they’ve been together often because they’re prepping night-club acts.

Behind the Scenes: When a nice regular gal like Jane Russell has hysterics—you know there’s a good reason. Jane had hysterics over a costume she was supposed to wear in “The French Line.” Says Jane, “It wouldn’t have covered a midget.” . . . All right, so well tell you why Marilyn Erskine calls Donald O’Connor “Doc.” He gave her a ring his mother gave him originally. Thirty-two diamonds spell out D-O-C. Marilyn didn’t want to accept it, but Donald insisted—“Just for friendship’s sake.” Some friend! . . . At Joan Crawford’s party for Joan Evans’ birthday—“Come for cocktails, dinner, and breakfast”—Jeff Chandler was the singing star of the evening . . . Looks like curtains on Jeff’s marriage, incidentally. He even closed out his bank account in their neighborhood branch . . . At a preview recently, a fan said to Virginia Mayo, “You look like a young Zsa Zsa Gabor.” Quick on the trigger Mike O’Shea answered. “And who do I look like—an old George Sanders?” . . . When Rosemary Clooney became Mrs. Joe Ferrer, Crosby and Hope put on their thinking caps. The day the bride returned to Paramount after a two-day honeymoon, there was a new name on her dressing-room door: Mrs. Toulouse-Lautrec.

Million-Dollar Pauper: No longer under contract to any studio, Betty Grable was sunning by her pool and listening to the radio. “Times are tough in Hollywood,” said a newscaster. “Why, even poor Betty Grable is out of a job and doesn’t know when she’ll work again.” It’s true, “poor” Betty only collected $100,000 purse money when her horse, Big Noise, ran at Del Mar this season.

Horizons Unlimited: After a single-scene appearance in U-I’s “It Came from Outer Space,” Kathleen Hughes was handed a new long-term contract by her studio; her first assignment under the pact: “The Glass Web” and star billing. Nice going!

Budget Boys: Bob Wagner now transfers his weekly pay check to a business manager, who allows him twenty-five dollars for gasoline, lunches and dating dollies . . . Gig Young gave Gig Young a raise and you can understand why! In one week he took Mala Powers, Nanette Fabray and Sharman Douglas to Romanoff’s.

Hollywood Believes: That Olivia de Havilland’s lukewarm success in a mediocre play at La Jolla this summer should convince her that her heart and talents belong in Hollywood, not the theatre . . . That filmtown’s loss is Broadway’s gain because David Wayne was allowed to break his contract and return to the stage.

Inside Hollywood: At a party recently, someone asked Barbara Rush about her handsome husband, Jeff Hunter. “Where is he?” they wanted to know. Said Barbara matter-of-factly, “Baby sitting—it’s his turn tonight!” . . . Bill Holden’s wife asked the actor how he’d like to celebrate their thirteenth wedding anniversary. “Let’s do something terribly exciting,” answered the acting rave of Hollywood. “Let’s stay home!” He means it too . . . Here’s one for that special friend “who has everything.” The Four Hundred Shop in Beverly Hills now features flower-trimmed bathroom accessories of every description . . . Last day of their picture, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz gave gold gifts to everyone who helped them film “The Long, Long Trailer.” Said the famous pair: “Now we have to go back to work—in television!” . . . Director Henry Hathaway is a task-master, which is why he makes great pictures. In “Prince Valiant” vicious hawks and falcons are used for some scenes. Cracked star Bob Wager: “By the time Mr. Hathaway finishes with ’em, they’ll be singing canaries!”

Super Saleswoman: Debbie Reynolds, who still belongs to the Girl Scouts and helps them sell cookies, always forgets that she’s a movie star too! Recently she approached Joan Crawford and asked her if she’d like a few cookies to take home to her kids, “Of course,” answered Joan, as she dug into her purse. “I’ll take a gross.” Squealed Debbie, “Holy smoke, that’s twelve dozen!” and nearly fainted.

Short Tail: Doris Day cut off her horse’s tai! hair-do—mostly because her fans didn’t like it. So, of course, the studio needed her for retakes on “Calamity Jane” and they had to tack “horsey” back on! Guess what the retakes were? Doris Day covered with mud from “horsey” to toe!

Party Palaver: The biggest and most star-studded party of the year, and any year, was tossed by Mary and Jack Benny at Mocambo in honor of Vic Damone. Denying that the party was a means of announcing daughter Joan’s engagement to Vic, Benny, as master of ceremonies, said: “I don’t know anything about these things. Nobody tells me. I come home to dinner, Vic is there with Mary and Joan, they all say, “Good evening, Daddy.” Everybody turned out for this wing-ding and all got a scare when Jack greeted the guests with “April fool! Separate Checks!”

Geographically Speaking: There’s a scene in “Son of Sinbad” where Dale Robertson announces to Vincent Price that he’s from Persia. Dale’s Oklahoma accent came out so thick, Vincent ad-libbed: “Don’t you mean South Persia!” It ruined the take and threw the set into hysterics.



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