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It’s All In The Family

Dropping in on the DeFores means a drive out to San Fernando Valley where David, 5, Penny, 7, and Dawn, 2, romp happily through their big ten- room house. At the Nerneys, Mona Jr., 3, waits every night at the door when it’s time for Mona Freeman and Pat to come home. On the maid’s day out, Gordon MacRae lullabies Gar, nearly 3. There are two other MacRae children, Meredith, 6½, and Heather, 4. Eve Arden’s two reasons for hurrying are Connie, 3½, and Liza, 5½. When Valentina Skelton, 3, and Richard, 2, have to stay in the house, Red puts away his famous clown canvases and keeps the kids—and himself—happy with finger paints. If anyone thinks Coleen Gray’s Susan isn’t an active 4½, we refer them to Coleen, who admits that sometimes going to work at the studio means a rest!

“Just in time to have a marshmallow,” said Don DeFore, helping David to sticky stuff as Marion, Penny, Dawn toast theirs

The Skeltons, Georgia, Val, Dickie and Red were elbow deep in a masterpiece when the camera caught them—finger painting

Caution! Man at work—trying to surprise his wife. Mona Jr. can Hardly keep from giggling as daddy Pat

Nerney tiptoes in with a new dress for wife Mona Freeman

“And you told me they didn’t have a thing to wear,” says Eve Arden accusingly. But daughters Connie, Liza, feel even a doll must be well dressed—in Hollywood

The trouble with this bedtime story is—son Gar’s wide awake and Gordon MacRae is sleepy!

Our photographer drove up just in time to see Coleen Gray go whizzing by in a kiddie car. “Hang on,’’ called Susan, pedalling furiously


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