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Oklahoma Cowboy—Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson never thought of acting until John Ford spotted him while he was working as a stunt man in “Fort Apache.” Now, under personal contract to Ford, with his first starring role in “Wagon Master” completed, Ben’s fighting against someone stunting for him.

After all, he’s raced and trained horses, broken bronchos, branded cattle and worked in rodeos as far back as he can remember. And he’s only a modest and unassuming fellow up to a point.

“Caint anyone do something on a horse that I caint.”

Ben’s always had a way with horses. Been in the saddle since he was three years old

Ben keeps in practice in a special roping corral on his ranch. He spends time between films touring country with top rodeo shows

Recently, he broke records for calf-roping, completing feat in twelve and one-half seconds

Chores done, Bob Clark, Doe Elliott and Dick Crew, wranglers on the Johnson ranch, join Ben (center) to play ecards, talk horses

Ben and his wife Carol steer clear of night clubs, entertain at home with square dances



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