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Never Before Seen—Elvis Presley

To Elvis fans everywhere,

It is now three years since the tragic death of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ’n Roll. He may be gone, but he is always in our heart. We, like you, are dedicated to preserving the glory of the King. On these next few pages, you will see portraits taken of Elvis, which have never appeared in print before. These were given to us by a loyal Elvis fan hoping to keep the King’s memory alive forever.

lf you have any pictures of Elvis Presley that you would like to share with us, please send them to:

Roger Glazer / Sterling’s Magazines, Inc. 355 Lexington Ave. New York, N.Y. 10017

Thank you,

The Editor

Every concert was different. The electricity between Elvis and the fans couldn’t be duplicated.

Elvis’ performances were always explosive.

Elvis’ guitars were mainly for show.

This eagle suit was a favorite of his.

Elvis always sang a medley of his early hits for his audience.

“You Gave Me a Mountain” always brought tears to Elvis’ eyes. It’s a song about a man losing his wife and little child.

Elvis and crew leaving a show.

The crowd always gave gag gifts to him, like glasses.

The sound of “2001” is his cue.

Elvis often worked himself into such a sweat during a performance that he needed to take a rest.

Taking a catnap.

All of Elvis’ stage outfits were one of a kind.

Fans went wild for a split.

These photos were taken at a concert in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1973.

Elvis listens to his orchestra and vocalists.

Elvis would turn to face the crowd behind him.

His karate moves were always exciting far fans.

When he wanted to end a song, Elvis would use a karate chop as a signal for the band.

His rock ’n roll hits helped Elvis to burn off lots of energy. Here he performs “Fever.”

The King takes his final bow to a screaming crowd.

Elvis would often get down on his knees to sing a soft ballad.

He croons a sentimental love song to the audience.


It is a quote. Modern Screen Presents ELVIS PHOTO ALBUM

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