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Love Scene—Tab Hunter & Mona Freeman

In 1951, Tab Hunter played a gangling, love-sick kid in the Marines. Now, three years later, he is still in the Marines. But, what a difference! When excerpts were shown of some of Tab’s love scenes in “Battle Cry,” Hollywood gasped out loud. Here was no bumbling kid, but a mature young actor with an exciting quality few had expected from blond, boyish Tab. In his scenes with his boyhood sweetheart (Mona Freeman), Tab portrays all the emotions of youth matured too early by war. As Mona says to Tab, “You’re strange . . . as if I didn’t know you.”

In this poignant love scene from “Battle Cry,” the problems of youth in war are symbolized—for Mona has become an adult before her time, too, and with a woman’s instinct she fights for a moment’s happiness when her man returns home for two short weeks. Tab and Mona drive to the beach where they had once spent so many happy hours together in their untroubled childhood. Now, as adults, they face this new world they live in. And though for a moment they are innocent boy and girl again, Mona, wading in the water. is no longer the girl Tab used to tease. Mona is the woman Tab loves.

Though Tab scored a hit in his first picture, “Island of Desire.” it was nearly two years before he made another film, “Gun Belt.” But although in the last three years Tab has appeared in only four films, his amazing fan following has remained loyal to him. Meanwhile, he took dramatic lessons, studied everything he could to improve his acting while he was waiting for his big chance.

This, most people believe, will be “Battle Cry.”



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