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Chris Talks About His Father, Jerry Lewis

“I was a little tired tonight but I had to spend some time with my daddy since he was sad. He didn’t want to drink his milk so Mommy yelled at him and said he was setting a bad ’sample for us kids. I let him give me a bath so he’d be happy. He loves that,” Chris confides. “We have fun together. I laugh and scream and so does he. I think he must be around my age—I’m three—’cause he acts like me a lot. I love him. He’s a famous ’median, you know. My friends think my daddy makes me laugh all the time, but I have to make him laugh sometimes, too.”


My daddy, Jerry Lewis, says to see him in ‘The Bell Boy’ for Par. ’cause we need the money.”

“Sometimes he gets all mixed-up, like fixing my hair before a bath.”

“Daddy doesn’t play the games my brothers do. He makes up his own, like Waterfall. It’s real fun, except I always get all wet.”

“He likes to balance things on his head, but they often fall. That’s why Mommy got plastic bottles.”’

“After we play and it’s time to go to bed, Daddy doesn’t want to. Sometimes he cries, till I tell him I’ll go to bed, too.”



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