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    Dark-Room Strutters’ Ball

    When the lens boys hold their annual frolic, the stars ransack studio wardrobes or let their imaginations be their guide—for costumes that make the Arabian Nights seem a pallid dream. Outside Ciro’s, on this night, crowds stargaze blissfully, for always the big names of Hollywood gather to make the Press Photographers’ Ball one of the most exciting shindigs of the year.

    PARTY WAS just full of characters! Steve Cochran and Yvonne De Carlo called themselves just a couple of beachcombers. Joining in the conversation is Denise Darcel, right

    ALL TOGA’D UP for the occasion—plus fetching brow bouquet—is Paul Douglas, masquerading as Antony, the fellow who fell for Cleopatra. In this case, Cleo is Jan Sterling

    BOB ARTHUR kept his identity dark for a long time before anyone guessed he was man behind the Topsy make-up. Wanda Hendrix is Little Eva

    ADDING TO THE pandemonium at the party are Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, whose zany antics kept guests entertained. Jack Benny was rib-cracking emcee

    “THE KING AND I,” hit Broadway play, was the inspiration for the John Irelands’ costumes. John the King of Siam, Joanne Dru, his favorite wife, brought along their brood of five to give it a realistic touch. P.S. The kids stayed only long enough to be photographed

    GENE NELSON couldn’t resist the music and the guests couldn’t resist him when he gave impromptu dance, right

    SHADES OF Barnum and Bailey! That’s Debbie Reynolds, left, and Carp Carpenter, who put on singing-dancing act


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JANUARY 1952

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