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Beauty Is Also Skin Deep—Cyd Charisse

Complete beauty can be your good fortune and not a hidden yearning. Through the ages we have been told that true beauty is of the spirit reflected in mind and deed. The marvels of today’s beauty preparations have enlarged the scope of the accepted definition of beauty to include physical beauty. The magic of make-up bases and powders can give your skin added color and glow and cover little blemishes, others can give depth and intrigue to your eyes, still others vibrant color and accent to your lips. But you cannot cover up an uncared-for skin any more than you can an ungracious thought or careless manner if your goal is complete beauty such as the movie stars have. Complete beauty includes a clean skin. Stars must cleanse their skins at least twice a day to thoroughly remove the heavy make-up that is necessary before the cameras.

They can’t become lazy and go on to dates with screen make-up on—or a make-up that they have worn all day. Frequent cleansing—the very using of soaps and creams and lotions—not only thoroughly cleanses the pores of the skin but also creates circulation that stimulates constant pore action. Circulation also causes the impurities of the skin to be thrown off. Tiny particles of dead, dry skin are likewise removed by frequent cleansing. After thorough cleansing the skin is more able to respond to the lubricating preparations that help to make it soft and smooth and moist. If you would have a glowing, radiant skin such as the movie stars are famous for, start today with regular skin cleansing periods just as the stars do. Morning and night—and yet another period after the busy day—so you will be glamorous for your evening date. This is the “must” program for keeping your skin clean, young and radiant. You will be amazed at how. your make-up base and powder will go on a smooth, clean skin. Even your lipstick will have a more luscious and clearly defined outline as the skin tissue around the mouth has become softer and smoother.

The stars use various kinds of skin cleansers, lubricating creams and lotions. You will have almost as much thrill trying the several types to see just which ones are most pleasing to you and—your skin as you will at the almost immediate improvement that you will recognize in your skin and—looks. The preparations and soaps today are dreamy in their texture and scent—the beauty of the products themselves literally takes you into another world while you are using them. Always use upward and outward strokes when applying your selected preparations—never downward. Use only soft, gentle, smooth strokes. Hard strokes will harm the tissues. Around the eyes the movement should be outward from the bridge of the nose over the lids to the temple, circling around under the eyes, and back toward the nose. Use the lightest of strokes around the eyes—the tissue is finer and more sensitive in that area.

Remember to tie back your hair so that the preparations do not blend into the hair line. Remove your cleansing preparation—give the pores a chance to breathe. Pat on an especially prepared soothing lotion to close the pores. Thorough cleansing is not enough for complete skin care. You must also use preparations that are especially made to help nourish and soften your skin. Apply after your skin has been cleansed. Our mothers used to have to use these creams at night but they have been perfected so that you may use them even during the day without any greasy look—or feel. Some have been blended right into make-up foundations, others have been combined in complete make-up base-powder preparations. Read the labels of the preparations carefully—they will tell you what is in them and how to use them. True—you must have all of the accepted attributes of grace. But today—you must add physical beauty to the age-old beauty adage if you wish to realize your dream of complete beauty such as the stars enjoy. Follow their skin care advice and routine—the beauty spotlight will soon be on you, too!



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