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Studio Scuttlebutt: Betty Hutton has always been so popular with Hollywood society that Cal was under the impression she was Miss Popularity on her home lot, too. So what happens? La Hutton asks for a release. The release was granted and, after twelve years at Paramount, Betty departed. The second the news became official, several top male stars gathered in a dressing room and toasted Betty’s departure Sax a with no tears. We wouldn’t know what’s in back of it. To us, Betty has always been very noisy—and very nice.

Bread Upon The Waters: It’s these untold stories that give Cal his greatest kick. Yes, eyebrows were raised when the late Atwater Kent remembered Greer Garson in his will. Maybe she didn’t need the money, but when the famous philanthropist needed a friend, Greer came to his rescue. Some years ago when he was throwing one of his famous parties for a society of blind people, a certain Hollywood star who had promised to be guest of honor, canceled out at the last moment. In desperation, Atwater Kent called Greer Garson who lived next to his Bel Air estate. At first, she declined as she was just going out the door to a dinner party. However, when Greer heard of the circumstances, she dropped everything and flew up the hill. Mr. Kent never forgot her kindness. Greer, now back at M-G-M after an absence of two years, has never hesitated to give her time to worthy causes. And all of Hollywood is hoping that her new films will equal her early successes.

Roman Scandals: Vic Mature’s experience working with the animals (the camels weren’t housebroken) in “Androcles and the Lion” had nothing on RKO’s experiences working with Vic! Mature is a real “character”—in reality—as colorful as Marlon Brando’s publicists wish he were. Well, it seems our boy has over-size feet, and shoes all but kill him. It happened those hand-made Roman boots for “Androcles” made his puppies purr with contentment. The movie finished, the boots vanished. A search was begun when they. were needed for retakes. Vic finally admitted he had “borrowed” them. They were in the locker at his club. So the studio sent a car for them. But one small detail was overlooked. Vic neglected to say he’d put spikes in the soles and was wearing the boots for his golf game.

Predictions: That the recently married Rhonda Fleming, who loves children, would love to give Dr. Lewis Morrill a son and may make an “announcement” in the near future. . . . That unkind rumors to the contrary, the Cary Grants are making a go of their marriage and only the arrival of a wee one could magnify their happiness . . . No less an authority than Jeff Chandler joins Cal and the voters in Photoplay’s “Choose Your Star” Contest in predicting that Lori Nelson will become a big star. Lori, formerly “Miss Encino,” is a friend of the former “Miss Burbank.” You know her under the name of Debbie Reynolds!

Unknown Quantity: Here’s hoping that this touching little tale won’t send Marilyn Monroe into retirement. Ray Milland, who was summering down at Balboa, went into a fix-it shop to have a lamp repaired. While he was waiting, he noted that there were four of those now-famous nude calendars on the wall. “Those calendars you have of Marilyn Monroe are quite valuable,” Ray commented pleasantly. The little man behind the counter eyed him quizzically. “Marilyn Monroe?” he muttered shaking his head. “Never heard of her.” With Marilyn’s movie career going great guns and her name practically a permanent fixture in all of the gossip columns, very few people can make this statement.

Unofficially Speaking: Rita Hayworth’s performance in “Affair in Trinidad” indicates, among other things, that a title doesn’t improve talent . . . No matter what you hear, the radio show “Double or Nothing” was not inspired by Jane Russell . . . Beauty she has plenty of, acting experience she’d better get. And if you want further proof, see Zsa Zsa Gabor in “We’re Not Married.” . . . Question: Who talks more than a talking picture? Answer: Debbie Reynolds ‘sitting there watching it.

Hollywood Melting Pot: The extremely talented Sally Forrest no longer has to wonder if she innocently offended someone at M-G-M. They’re talking a new deal with better roles . .. Joan Crawford sent David Wayne a fan letter after she saw his inspired, performance in “Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie.” David’s framing her letter and Joan’s framing the charming one he sent her in return . . . For his role of dark-eyed “Eddie Cantor,” blue-eyed Keefe Brasselle wears contact lenses. He won’t pose for stills wearing them.

News, All Kinds: Good news for Ingrid Bergman who is gradually gaining great sympathy and understanding from the public, now that more facts are becoming generally known . . . Glad news for Hollywood that Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger settled their offensive contract dispute with RKO out of court. Even their own British press didn’t approve of it . . . Sad news for Esther Williams and Ben Gage, whose restaurant, “The Trails,” got robbed by gunmen who hid in a storeroom until closing time . . . Trying news for Rosalind Russell when she jumped, missed and required seventeen stitches in her leg. It happened during a scene in her current movie, “Never Wave at a Wac” .. . Gloomy news for Fred Allen, a reported victim of a virus attack, a nervous collapse and other complications which will keep him off TV channels this fall . . . Humorous news for Dean Martin whose personal possessions were placed at auction and a man in a beard who could have been Jerry Lewis (and was!) suddenly started the high bidding.

And More News: Exciting news for Jack Carson and Lola Albright who finally married. Good friend Dennis Morgan, who didn’t like making all of those “Two Guys” pictures with Jack, did like to be his best man . . . Inevitable news for Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio who were reported to be eloping when they motored to San Francisco . . . Aggravating news for Mitzi Gaynor and her mother when a magazine (not Photoplay) printed the address of the house they share with Mitzi’s fiance and his mother. Crank letters of unsavory nature resulted . . . Final news for director Nick Ray when Gloria Grahame divorced him and encouraging news for Cy Howard (and a half-dozen others we could name) who thinks the beautiful blonde is just what Dan Cupid ordered . . . Questionable news for columnists when Mario Lanza held up production on “The Student Prince.” Some say he has financial worries. Others believe it’s just plain temperament . .. Expensive news for M-G-M was the announced abandonment of the Lanza picture. They had forked out $700,000 for costumes, pre-recordings of Mario’s songs, Ann Blyth’s services on loan from U-I, other salaries and expenses.

At The Moment: Jane Powell’s public appearances without Geary Steffen are easily explained. He reports annually to the Army Reserve Corps for special training . . . Robert Wagner with a similar setup, celebrating his last night in town with Debbie two-double-chocolate-sundae-girl Reynolds! . . . To our knowledge it’s never been printed, and we join all of Hollywood in wondering why Olivia de Havilland finds it necessary to hire a bodyguard for her son Benjy . . . According to Bob Hope: “So many mysterious fires have broken out at Warners, they’re now signing all new contracts on asbestos!”

Twinkle Twinkle: Remember, Cal told you first that Terry Moore is going to get the most super-sexy buildup of any gal in pictures. Literally and physically speaking, she’s busting out all over! When she makes “Man on the Tight Rope” opposite Fredric March in Germany, Terry will keep a date with Kirk Douglas in Capri. Then, when the picture finishes, she’ll have a whirl in Paris with attorney Greg Bautzer. These charming chaps have a charming surprise waiting for them, however. Terry’s mama is traveling with her daughter!

Happy Chappy: No wonder Gig Young’s neighbors were startled when they saw him working in his garden attired in shorts and wearing a monocle. No, the ol’ boy hasn’t gone European on us. He was merely “breaking” in the monocle for the role he was scheduled to play in “The Student Prince.” Gig is very happy these days with a new contract, plus raise from M-G-M.

Friendly Enemies: It always happens in Hollywood. By the time Rock Hudson and Yvonne DeCarlo dated a few times and played in two pictures together, they decided they could get alone without each other just fine. Anyway. Rock was very excited about playing opposite Linda Darnell in “Toilers of the Sea,” in England. So what happens? So Linda’s doctor advised her against taking the trip and you know who got the part! Those torrid love scenes between Rock and Yvonne will really prove what good actors they are.

Sights You See: Jane Russell at Dora and Jody Hutchison’s fabulous Luau, wearing long jade-green feather earrings . . . Vera-Ellen and Doris Day, who attended the same dancing classes in Cincinnati, lunching in the Brown Derby with home-town girl friends who were vacationing in Hollywood . . . Rory Calhoun, who bought a new house on Beverly Drive, running across the street to borrow electric light bulbs from good neighbor Cornel Wilde.

Seen and Heard on Sets: Betty Grable taking a bath for “The Farmer Takes a Wife”: “Get me, with two stand-ins—one wet and one dry!” . . . Van Johnson shooting “A Steak for Connie”: “I love the first day of a picture because I’m anxious to get back to work. I love the last day, ‘ too, because I can eat again and not have to worry about putting on weight!” . . . Jean Peters between scenes. on “Niagara”: “Marilyn Monroe plays a sexpot in this one, so I’m happy to add six inches to all my necklines. In my next picture, however, I’ll be out in front!”

Gold Fish Bowl: Cal heard it with his own two flapping ears, as he sat back-to-back with Marlon Brando in the M-G-M commissary. With the fabulous fellow were famous Shakespearean actor John Gielgud, and James Mason, all acting together in “Julius Caesar.” “I wish,” said Brando almost wistfully, “that people would look at me with interest instead of curiosity.” As he said it, the waitress arrived and placed before him a big bowl of raw eggs topped with sour cream!

Hollywood Kaleidoscope: Alan Ladd is the kindest actor they’ve ever served, so waitresses in the U-I commissary are forming a fan club, and calling themselves “Ladd’s Lassies” . . . Because she’s near-sighted and looks like she’s staring on the screen, Patrice Wymore now wears special contact lenses over her pupils . . . Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis get their wish to work together in Paramount’s “Houdini” . . . Jerry Lewis turned over his dressing room for their use with a sign on the door reading, “Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz!”

Big Boy: A twenty-first birthday happens “once in a lifetime, which is why Tab Hunter, your “Choose Your Star” winner, will never forget his. The muscular blond who clicked quick in “Island of Desire” (his first picture) lost his own father at the age of twelve. So he was deeply touched when Harold Lloyd gave a party for him. The famous comedian became interested in Tab when Harold Lloyd, Jr. brought his friend to the house. Senior has been his mentor ever since. Old Harold Lloyd comedies, which they had never seen (natch!), were projected for Tab and his guests.

Home Sweet Home: Bill Holden tells it on himself! “We loved Europe, but yearned for home again. First, we ran out of money—it’s so expensive there. We missed the kids, and we were nostalgic about our beautiful home and the peaceful life we live. The city was smothered in fog and smog when we arrived. Landing in Palmdale, we waited three hours to be picked up. As we walked in, our house stood on end. It was Mother Nature’s way of welcoming us—with an earthquake!”



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