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Evading wedlock


Description: 6‘ 3, 197 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes. At present in custody of Betty Abbott, Rock has been previously reported captured by Vera-Ellen, Barbara Ruick, Marilyn Maxwell, but has always made clean get-away before being taken to the altar. If interested, see Bengal Brigade. Operatives note: He is very wary of ties that bind, may persuade pursuers that he can be trusted to stay put. WARNING: Don’t you believe it!

For hit-and-run dating


Description: 6, 160 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes. Alias “R. J.,” Bob‘s most serious casualty to date is Debbie Reynolds. Others possibly sideswiped include Terry Moore, Susan Zanuck, Mona Freeman. Clue: He is suspicious of women who have money and can cook. Those willing to risk traveling with R. J. can locate him in theatres showing Broken Lance. Prosecuting attorneys note: his victims usually refuse to testify against him. 

For girl-rustling


Description: 6‘ 1, 175 lbs., blond hair, hazel eyes. Alias “Handy Hunter,” Tab operates on horseback, has at various at times corralled Gloria Gordon, Debbie Reynolds, Pat Crowley, Lori Nelson and up to fifty thousand fan club members. Girls interested in heading towards the last roundup with Hunter should avoid fawning on him, learn to love sports, get used to traveling with a large fun-loving gang of youngsters.


Charge: Setting the world on fire. Description: 5‘ 8, 140 lbs., black hair, brown eyes. Fisher is specifically charged with carrying torches (simultaneously!) for Joan Wynne, Terry Moore, Debbie Reynolds, Mamie Van Doren. WARNING: These females are playing with fire as they don’t fit Eddie’s marital requirements for an outdoorsy girl with no career


Charge: Assault with sweet talk. Description: 6‘ 2, 180 Ibs., brown hair, blue eyes. Scott has been recently identified by Dorothy Malone as “the guy who’s been pounding ‘Let’s get-married’ into my head.” Milder charges have been made by Elaine Stewart, Kim Novak. Others interested in putting the finger on Brady should see The Law vs. Billy The Kid.


Charge: Stealing hearts. Description: 5‘ 11, 160 lbs., light brown hair, blue or green or grey eyes (reports of witnesses vary). Notorious on Sunset Strip as “a good man in a dark corner” and a “concentrator,” Hill prefers to make off with affections of one girl at a time. Also alleged to have almost stolen Tony Curtis’ thunder in Black Shield Of Falworth.


Charge: Hiding out. Description: 6‘ , 180 lbs., dark brown hair, blue eyes. For thirty-two years Egan kept out of sight, was finally brought to public attention in The Big Rainbow. WARNING: Can be dangerous to girls .due to superior intelligence (M.A. from. Stanford U.) and (double warning to parked car operators) expert knowledge of judo.

On the lam


Description: 6 feet, 155 lbs., brown hair, blue-green eyes, wry, sophisticated smile known to have dropped females in their tracks at a hundred yards. Monty may never be apprehended because he never answers the phone, can be two hours late for a first date and thinks perfect marriages occur only in novels. Suggestions for capture: take up sailing, don’t believe him when he says he prefers books to blondes.



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