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Are You The Girl To Make Vince Edwards Smile?

Could it be the Chinese who have the word for it . . . “He who laughs last laughs best”? Apparently, Vince Edwards is saving up his laughs far last. That is, for his last (and first) love. Because underneath that surly, rough exterior beats a heart that glows with life. Of course, Dr. Ben Casey and Vince Edwards have much in common. Both are idealistic, passionate and tough. It’s idealistic the way Vince expects the best from you until, finally, you do give him your best. It’s passionate the way he thinks about love—that once and for all-time thing. It’s tough the way he keeps away from you if he thinks you re a phony. But one thing they don t share—Dr. Casey hasn’t time for love but Vince just might . . . if you’re the one girl in the world who can make him smile.


It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1962

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