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    A Quiet Afternoon With Janet Leigh And Tony Curtis

    “A swimming pool?” Janet asked. “When we don’t have any living-room furniture?” Tony just nodded and looked around the living room in their new Palm Springs home. “It’ll give you a rest,” he’d said. “We’ll live outdoors around the pool, no cooking, cold food and paper plates. And I’ll keep an eye on the kids.” Janet closed her eyes and saw herself, deeply tanned, relaxing on a float, listening to Tony teaching Kelly to swim. “Humm,” she said. “And I’ll do the barbecuing,” Tony interrupted her dreaming. “Heavenly, Tony,” she said, succumbing. “Who needs furniture when one can get peace and quiet?” So Tony bought a pool. And did Janet live quietly ever after?

    mommy! daddy! look quick – Jamie’s drinking up the swimming pool . . . or

    whose idea of a quiet afternoon? I only have two hands

    Janet, I’m slaving over a hot barbecue . . .

    Tony, who is he?

    Jamie, no-o-o-o!

    . . . go tell Mommy

    if you want your Coke, Daddy, you gotta catch me

    the end of a perfect day—and there’s still dishes


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE OCTOBER 1960

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