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Win A Present From A Star

At Paramount studios, no expense is spared to give moviegoers the best in entertainment, the best in star talent. Now, through this studio, PHOTOPLAY readers are being given a chance to win fifty fabulous prizes. Starting here are fifty pictures showing you the gifts your favorite stars have selected for you. 

When the “Win a Present from a Star” contest was started some years ago, we were amazed at the thousands of entries we received. This time we expect to be deluged (no complaints from the editors)! For this year, through Paramount studio and its stars, you are being given a chance to win fabulous, breath-taking prizes. So don’t wait until it’s too late—or you’ll be sorry. Fill in the coupon, send in your entry—and good luck!

1- Anita Ekberg (“Artists and Models”—Hal Wallis, Para.) gifts Cutex manicure kit, year’s supply of Slightly Scarlet lipstick, nail polish and chic matching cocktail hat by N.Y. designer William J.

2- Oreste (“The Vagabond King”) has an exciting gift for hi-fi fans—RCA’s new Mark IV, Model 6HF4, Orthophonic High Fidelity Victrola consolette. Cabinet in mahogany or light rift oak finish

3- Mitzi Gaynor (“Anything Goes”) gives this luxurious Tussy Midnight gift set, which includes lotions, perfumes, powder and cologne, plus Vanity Fair’s lavish blue pleated nylon and lace peignoi

4- Charlton Heston not only gives the shirt off his back, he autographs it, too! Western shirt, designed especially for Chuck to wear in his latest movie, “Lucy Gallant,” has his name on the inside

5- Shirley MacLaine (“The Trouble with Harry” and “Artists and Models”—Wallis, Para.) has a dream of a gift for a girl in a daydream—a beautiful Lane Cedar chest for those trousseau pretties

6- John Derek (“The Ten Commandments”) thinks this should send you—a set of Samsonite’s handsome, sturdy luggage that includes Train Case, Wardrobe and O’Nite convertible, all in Bermuda green

7- Marisa Pavan (“The Rose Tattoo”—a Hal Wallis prod. for Para.) presents Holmes & Edwards Bright Future Sterling Inlaid Silverplate. A 52-piece service for 8, in smart mahogany chest

8- Martin & Lewis (“Artists and Models”—Hal Wallis production for Para.) removed this painting, their joint work, from an exhibit so that some lucky winner may own a Martin & Lewis original

9- Doris Day (“The Man Who Knew Too Much”) dangles a tempting prize—a necklace of Duchess cultured pearls, hand-knotted, graduated for beauty. White gold clasp is diamond-studio

10- Carol Ohmart (“The Scarlet Hour”) has a smooth gift for a smart contestant—Leathermodes’ turquoise smooth leather jacket with petal collar. Lined in printed silk, it can be worn belted or loose

11- Jimmy Stewart (“The Man Who Knew Too Much”) shows sample of what to expect from him—a Bigelow mulzti-colored carpet, size 12‘ x 15 in a choice of 9 colors. Sample is Glowing Embers

12- Rita Moreno (“The Vagabond King”) chose this for you—Tempo’s filmy nylon tricot peignoir, waltz-length gown with embroidered lace trim. Also, matching fluffy petticoat, half slip (not shown)

13- Jeanette Miller (“Artists and Models”) packs a gay and capacious tote bag for you with Tonis famous home permanent products, as well as other hair and skin preparations, Viv lipsticks

14- Larry Pennell (“The Vagabond King”) gifts this for your hope chest or linen closet—set of 6 Cannon Promenade bath towels, 6 matching hand towels, 6 face cloths in marine and sea green stripes

15- Judy Lawrance (“The Scarlet Hour”) will have you walking on air with 3 pairs of Grace Walker shoes—Star-Stepper, in tropic tan antique calf; Heddy, a dressy black suede; Viscay in avocado calf 

16- Anne Baxter (“The Ten Commandments”) presents a precious prize—diamond and sapphire bracelet in palladium, newest of jewelry metals, designed by Spinl Manufacturing Jeweler. N. Y

17- Ben Cooper (“Rose Tattoo”—a Hal Wallis prod. for Para.) sports something for your favorite male—Catalina’s sensational new Belgimere Sweater, with long sleeves, easy-to-wear V neckline

18- Marla English (“The Mountain”) has a perfect gem of a gift for the girl with a dream in her heart—a Keepsake diamond ring. The symbol of romance, it’s a prize any girl will treasure forever

19- Yvonne DeCarlo (“Ten Commandments”) gifts Revlon custom-designed jeweler’s onyx-black enamel lipstick case, with silver floral motif, by Van Cleef & Arpels, with Revlon Swivel Stick refill

20- Gloria Talbott (“Lucy Gallant”) tried this prize on son Mark for size—set of junior-sized furniture called Funture. Modern in built, it will be an asset in any room

21- George Gobel (“The Birds and the Bees”) can’t hardly wait to give set of Frostbrand Folding lightweight furniture. Table, 2 benches, 2 stools, 2 yacht chairs are easy to move, pack

22- Debra Paget (“The Ten Commandments”) chose Ponds famous beauty preparations in white leather case and Jerry Gilden’s Angel-look princess sheath in embroidered gold wool jersey, 8 to 18

23- Tom Tryon (“The Scarlet Hour’) is all set to brighten up your life with this handsome Ronson table model lighter. If you like to entertain, you’ll appreciate the extra glow Ronson gives to parties!

24- Roz Russell (“The Girl Rush”) chose this glamour gift—an elegant white ladies’ train case by Platt, filled with over a year’s supply of Helene Curtis preparations for making hair glamorous

25- David Niven (“The Birds and the Bees”) tunes in 8 RCA Victor “Perfect for Dancing” LP Record Albums. Selections, by the Fred Astaire Dance Studios, include everything from waltzes to mambos

26- Valerie Allen (“Artists and Models”) chose stockings for every occasion—12 pairs of Bur-Mil Cameo’s Shape-2-U sheer stretch hosiery, from Sheer Elegance to daytime sheers, all in Skin-Tone colors

27- Jackie Beer (“The Court Jester”) steps up with 3 pairs of Honeydeb casual shoes—Lana, a black leather sweater pump; Teddy, a peaked vamp suede pump; Doreen, button-strap red kid pump

28- Bing Crosby (“Anything Goes”) will have you chuckling over his gift—Bob Hope’s own story, “Have Tux, Will Travel.” A personal gift from Bing with a personal touch for you—Bob’s autograph

29- Carolyn Miller (“The Girl Rush”) will send you drifting into dreamland with this pair of Playtex Heart-rest pillows of foam latex. Light as a cloud, you’ll think you’re sleeping on one!

30- Dick Shannon (“The Vagabond King”) has a smart accessory for your bedroom. North Star 100% wool, year-round all-season blanket. Black, with bright multicolor striped acetate taffeta binding

31- Prize gift—Dorothy Gray’s elegant Wedgwood perfume. Bottle top, authentic Wedgwood Jasper Ware cameo, can be removed, mounted as costume jewelry

32- For that luxury look—Tish-U-Knit’s bejeweled pastel evening sweater in washable Mazet Orlon. Mock pearls, rhinestones trim collar, lacy front. Give size

33- For the girl who appreciates the subtle sophistication of Schiaparelli’s world-famous Shocking perfume—amusingly presented in gay dressmaker dummy bottle

34- An eye for glamour? Then try for this set of La Tausca simulated pearl bracelet, earrings, necklace. Rhinestone rondels give that extra glamour spark

35- A touch of this and your beau will never forget you! 14½ ounces of Marcel Rochas’ famous Femme eau de cologne, in gold-capped, urn-shaped vanity bottle

36- Give your wardrobe a lift with 6 pairs of Dawnelle’s Elvette cotton gloves. In smart lengths, varying basic colors to match every costume need. Give size

37- A distinctive prize with a distinctive name—Adam’s Rib—Lentheric’s luxury fragrance. Set includes Mist, perfume, lipstick and jeweled perfume purser

38- Star with Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s products—cleansing cream, skin lotion, night cream, deodorant—all in bright plaid carryall with waterproof lining

39- A really fabulous prize is Lancome’s imported Magie perfume. The lovely heavy crystal flacon is set in sequin-spangled white satin-covered jewel case

40- This should fire your imagination! A dainty ladies’ Ronson lighter. You will love the feminine floral design, the neat way it fits into your purse

41- The French touch—Lucien Lelong’s Indiscret toilet water in rich golden bottle; Lilly Daché’s jeweled boudoir blackboard for beauty notes and dates

42- For special dress-up occasions, handsome black and gold evening bag fitted with Bourjois’ Evening in Paris fragrance products, which can be removed

43- A prize of distinction—handsome Jana calf handbag in lovely cinnamon shade. Roomy—it’s double-sided—you’ll love the bracelet handle, its smooth lines

44- This exquisite beribboned flower basket is filled with world-famous Gourielli fragrances—Five O’Clock, Fourth Dimension, Moonlight Mist, soap, Foam Bath

45- A prize your favorite guy will go for—a streamlined Ronson pocket lighter. Handsomely decorated, smartly styled, it’s a gift that will make anyone glow

46- If you like to sparkle, try for these Escapade bath, afterbath accessories by Shulton. Modern, free-form containers will be gay addition to your boudoir

47- For real bathtime luxury, don’t miss Jean Naté’s bath ensemble—Bath Bubbles, Friction Pour le Bain, afterbath lotion and generous box of bath powder

48- If you haven’t tried this, aim to win it! For you’ll love Coty’s exotic Accomplice perfume, handsomely cased in black, white and gold scroll-motif box

49- For shining hair beauty—a golden gift box filled with Breck’s hair products—shampoo, hair lotion, Hairdress, Cream Treatment, Breck Bouquet hair perfume

50- A touch of perfume adds to a gal’s glamour. Ask any man! And Shalimar, world-famous perfume classic by Guerlain, is a perfume that will make you memorable!



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