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Who Will Be The Favorites For 1957?

Strike up the band! It’s election time again! On the right are the famous faces of stars who have stepped up to claim Photoplay Gold Medals in recent years. Their splendid performances made them eligible—but only the thoughtful votes of Photoplay readers made them victorious. Dating back before the Academy’s Oscars, these prizes are coveted by Hollywood’s top players. In 1921, announcing the results of the first voting, the magazine said: “The public has made its decision. And we think you have made a wise selection in ‘Humoresque,’ for it is a truly great picture, an artistic achievement as well as a popular triumph.” In February, the 1957 picture that rates this classic distinction will be named. An actor and an actress will join the golden group you see on this page. And this year’s most exciting newcomers will be tabbed as the best bets for 1958. But what will be the winning movie? Who will be the stars? We don’t know. We rely on you, Photoplay’s readers, the true judges of film quality, to call the shots. We trust you to choose a picture and stars that will be worthy of the honor. Let your voice be heard in the final verdict. Vote now!


Adams, Julie

Alberghetti, Anna Maria

Albert, Eddie

Allyson, June

Angeli, Pier

Astaire, Fred

Bacall, Lauren

Baker, Carroll

Baxter, Anne

Belafonte, Harry

Bergman, Ingrid

Blyth, Ann

Borgnine, Ernest

Brando, Marlon

Brazzi, Rossano

Brynner, Yul

Burton, Richard

Buttons, Red

Cagney, James

Calhoun, Rory

Chandler, Jeff

Charisse, Cyd

Clift, Montgomery

Collins, Joan

Conte, Richard

Cooper, Gary

Crain, Jeanne

Crawford, Joan

Crosby, Bing

Curtis, Tony

Dailey, Dan

Day, Doris

De Carlo, Yvonne

Derek, John

Dietrich, Marlene

Dors, Diana

Douglas, Kirk

Douglas, Paul

Egan, Richard

Ekberg, Anita

Ewell, Tom

Farr, Felicia

Ferrer, Jose

Ferrer, Mel

Fleming, Rhonda

Fonda, Henry

Fontaine, Joan

Ford, Glenn

Foster, Dianne

Francis, Anne

Gable, Clark

Gardner, Ava

Gaynor, Mitzi

Granger, Stewart

Grant, Cary

Gray, Dolores

Hayward, Susan

Hayworth, Rita

Heflin, Van

Hepburn, Audrey

Hepburn, Katharine

Heston, Charlton

Holden, William

Holliday, Judy

Hope, Bob

Hudson, Rock

Hunter, Jeffrey

Hunter, Kim

Hyer, Martha

Jones, Jennifer

Jones, Shirley

Johnson, Van

Kelly, Gene

Kerr, Deborah

Kerr, John

Ladd, Alan

Lancaster, Burt

Laurie, Piper

Leigh, Janet

Lemmon, Jack

Lewis, Jerry

Lollobrigida, Gina

MacMurray, Fred

Madison, Guy

Magnani, Anna

Malone, Dorothy

Mansfield, Jayne

Martin, Dean

Martin, Dewey

Mason, James

Mathews, Kerwin

Mature, Victor

Mayo, Virginia

Miles, Vera

Milland, Ray

Mitchell, Cameron

Mitchum, Robert

Monroe, Marilyn

Moore, Terry

Murphy, Audie

Murray, Don

Nader, George

Neal, Patricia

Nelson, Lori

Newman, Paul

Niven, David

North, Sheree

Novak, Kim

O’Connor, Donald

O’Hara, Maureen

Olivier, Laurence

Paget, Debra

Palance, Jack

Parker, Eleanor

Pavan, Marisa

Peck, Gregory

Perkins, Anthony

Power, Tyrone

Presley, Elvis

Quinn, Anthony

Ray, Aldo

Reed, Donna

Reynolds, Debbie

Rogers, Ginger

Rooney, Mickey

Rush, Barbara

Russell, Jane

Ryan, Robert

Saint, Eva Marie

Simmons, Jean

Sinatra, Frank

Stack, Robert

Stanwyck, Barbara

Steiger, Rod

Stewart, James

Sullivan, Barry

Tamblyn, Russ

Taylor, Elizabeth

Taylor, Robert

Todd, Richard

Tracy, Spencer

Wagner, Robert

Wayne, John

Widmark, Richard

Wilde, Cornel

Wood, Natalie

Wynter, Dana


Boone, Pat

Cassavetes, John

Darren, James

Elg, Taina

Evans, Robert

Franciosa, Anthony

Gazzara, Ben

Grant, Kathryn

Griffith, Andy

Harrison, Susan

Hart, Dolores

Jason, Rick

Jones, Carolyn

Keim, Betty

Lou Kendall, Kay

Kovacs, Ernie

London, Julie

Loren, Sophia

MacArthur, James

March, Hal

Mineo, Sal

Nichols, Barbara

Nielsen, Leslie

Owens, Patricia

Patten, Luana

Raitt, John

Randall, Tony

Saxon, John

Scala, Gia

Sears, Heather

Seberg, Jean

Stevens, Inger

Stockwell, Dean

Trundy, Natalie

Wilson, Julie

Woodward, Joanne


Abandon Ship!

Action of the Tiger

Affair to Remember, An

April Love

Baby Doll

Bachelor Party, The

Band of Angels

Barretts of Wimpole Street, The

Battle Hymn

Beau James


Beyond Mombasa

Big Land, The

Black Patch

Boy on a Dolphin

Brave One, The

Bridge on the River Kwai, The

Brothers Rico, The

Buster Keaton Story, The

Careless Years, The

Curse of Frankenstein, The

D.I., The

Delicate Delinquent, The

Designing Woman

Desk Set

Devil’s Hairpin, The


Don’t Go Near the Water

Don’t Knock the Rock


Edge of the City

Escapade in Japan

Face in the Crowd, A

Farewell to Arms, A

Fear Strikes Out

Fire Down Below

Four Girls in Town

Full of Life

Funny Face

Fuzzy Pink Nightgown, The

Garment Jungle

Girl Can’t Help It, The

God Is My Partner

Great Man, The

Gun for a Coward

Gun Glory

Gunfight at the O. K. Corral

Guns of Fort Petticoat

Happy Road, The

Hard Man, The

Hatful of Rain, A

Hear Me Good

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Helen Morgan Story, The

Hired Gun, The

Hollywood or Bust

Hot Summer Night

House of Numbers

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Incredible Shrinking Man


Island in the Sun

Jailhouse Rock

James Dean Story,

The Jeanne Eagels

Jet Pilot

Joe Butterfly

Johnny Tremain

Johnny Trouble

Joker Is Wild, The

Midnight Story, The

Mister Cory

Kelly and Me

King and Four Queens, The

Les Girls

Little Hut, The

Living Idol, The


Lonely Man, The

Long. Haul, The

Love in the Afternoon

Loving You

Man of a Thousand Faces

Man on Fire

Men in War

Mister Rock and Roll

Monkey on My Back

Monolith Monsters, The

Monte Carlo Story, The

My Man Godfrey

Night Passage


No Down Payment

No Sleep Till Dawn

Oh Men, Oh Women!

Old Yeller

Omar Khayyam

Operation Mad Ball

Pajama Game, The

Pal Joey

Paris Does Strange Things

Pickup Alley

Pride and the Passion, The

Prince and the Showgirl, The

Public Pigeon No. 1

Pursuit of the Graf Spee


Rainmaker, The

Raintree County

Rock, Pretty Baby

Run of the Arrow

Sad Sack, The

Saddle the Wind

Saga of Satchmo, The

Saint Joan



Seventh Sin, The

Short Cut to Hell

Silk Stockings


Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

Slim Carter

Something of Value

Spanish Gardener, The

Spirit of St. Louis, The

Stopover Tokyo

Story of Esther Costello, The

Story of Mankind, The

Strange One, The

Sun Also Rises, The

Sweet Smell of Success

Tammy and the Bachelor

Tarzan and the Lost Safari

Tattered Dress, The

Teahouse of the August

Moon, The

Ten Commandments, The

Ten Thousand Bedrooms

That Night

This Could Be the Night

Three Brave Men

Three Faces of Eve, The

Three Violent People

3:10 to Yuma

Tijuana Story, The

Time Limit

Tin Star, The

Tip on a Dead Jockey

Top Secret Affair

Town like Alice, A

True Story of Jesse James, The

Twelve Angry Men

Unholy Wife, The

Untamed Youth

Until They Sail

Vintage, The

Wayward Bus, The

Wild Is the Wind

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

Wings of Eagles, The

Written on the Wind

Wrong Man, The

Young Don’t Cry, The

Young Stranger, The


Zero Hour


The talented young players pictured on the opposite page are no publicity-created puppets. With their work in 1957 films, they have made their mark as unique personalities and earned the right to be considered for the newcomer division of Photoplay’s annual awards. TV and recording star Pat Boone made his bow in “Bernardine,” topped it with “April Love.” John Cassavetes (well-known in TV dramas): “Edge of the City,” “Saddle the Wind.” James Darren (no pre-movie experience!): “The Brothers Rico,” “The Tijuana Story,” “Operation Mad Ball.” Taina Elg (ballet-trained): “Les Girls.” Robert Evans (radio actor, executive): “Man of a Thousand Faces,” “The Sun Also Rises.” Anthony Franciosa (New York stage): “A Face in the Crowd,” “This Could Be the Night,” “A Hatful of Rain.” Ben Gazzara (also a Broadway hit): “The Strange One.” Kathryn Grant(two years’ apprenticeship as a starlet) : “The Guns of Fort Petticoat,” “Mister Cory,” “Operation Mad Ball.” Andy Griffith (stage and TV): “A Face in the Crowd.” Susan Harrison (brand-new at acting): “Sweet Smell of Success.” Dolores Hart (star in school plays) : “Loving You.” Rick Jason (minor film assignments): “The Wayward Bus.” Carolyn Jones (small movie roles): “The Bachelor Party,” “Johnny Trouble.” Betty Lou Keim(stage. TV): “The Wayward Bus.” Kay Kendall (star in British films): “Les Girls.” Ernie Kovacs (TV comic): “Operation Mad Ball.” Julie London (recording star): “The Girl Can’t Help It,” “The Great Man,” “Drango.” Sophia Loren (pin-up queen of Italian movies): “Boy on a Dolphin,” “The Pride and the Passion.” James MacArthur (some TV work): “The Young Stranger.” Hal March (m. c. of “The $64,000 Question”) : “Hear Me Good.” Sal Mineo (theater, TV, film character roles): “Rock, Pretty Baby,” “Dino,” “The Young Don’t Cry.” Barbara Nichols (cover girl): “Sweet Smell of Success,” “The Pajama Game.” Leslie Nielsen (Canadian TV) : “Hot Summer Night,” “Tammy and the Bachelor.” Patricia Owens (English movies and stage): “Island in the Sun,” “No Down Payment,” “Sayonara.” Luana Patten (former child actress) : “Rock, Pretty Baby.” John Raitt(Broadway musicals): “The Pajama Game.” Tony Randall (TV and stage): “Oh Men, Oh Women!,” “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?,” “No Down Payment.” John Saxon (photographers’ model) : “Rock, Pretty Baby.” Gia Scala (no preHollywood roles): “Garment Jungle,” “Tip on a Dead Jockey,” “Don’t Go Near the Water.” Heather Sears (British stage, TV): “The Story of Esther Costello.” Jean Seberg (summer stock): “Saint Joan.” Inger Stevens (TV and theater): “Man on Fire.” Dean Stockwell (former child actor) : “Gun for a Coward,” “The Careless Years.” Natalie Trundy (stage, TV): “The Monte Carlo Story,” “The Careless Years.” Julie Wilson(recording and night-club star): “This Could Be the Night.” Joanne Woodward (TV, theater): “The Three Faces of Eve,” “No Down Payment.” . . . Among these, who will come out ahead in 1958? You will decide!



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