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    Kim Novak: “I’ve Got To Fall In Love Again”

    Kim Novak is a girl who has found herself on the receiving end of a good many love songs, these days. Some have been sung in a major key and some in a minor key, and no one but Kim knows the majors from the minors. But while Kim kept her counsel, the dashing Count Mario Bandini and serious, quiet Mac Krim seemed to be the only major contenders for Kim’s undecided heart.

    However, many of Kim’s friends were saying that her romance with the patient Mr. Krim had simmered down to a friendship. The Count announced that he was planning to visit America, and it was assumed that he would also visit good friend Kim. Will Kim—who has often said, “I need to be in love, to know that somebody loves me”—find that she is indeed in love this time? And in love to stay?

    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE OCTOBER 1956

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