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Tab Hunter Writes A Love Song For You

How is a love song written? Well, many ways. And not always under a full moon in June. This is how Tab came to write his, which we publish here for the first time. “I never thought I could,” he told us shyly. “In fact I went over to Gwen’s (his collaborator) house to play tennis and, if it weren’t for her insistence, we might never have gotten around to anything else.”

“Seems,” Gwen explained, “Tab had finished a recording session the night before. ‘But don’t let it get around,’ he said. ‘What a wonderful title,’ I laughed. ‘But that’s not the title,’ Tab answered. ‘I just meant, don’t let it get around about the recording session.’ Then, almost together the same idea clicked with us and we yelped at each other, “Let’s write one called ‘Don’t Let It Get Around!’ ” They did.

“It took an hour,” Tab went on enthusiastically.

Gwen interrupted, “He has a terrific sense of rock ’n’ roll rhythm.”

“Gwen’s not bad, either,” Tab grinned. “You know, she’s the head of Pan Publishing (music) and has had loads of nightclub experience.”

Tab and Gwen sang and beat out their song for us, impromptu style. And here it is—for the first time in print. Hum the melody and, if you don’t like your own singing, don’t despair. Tab has just recorded it!



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