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Here Comes The Bride—Patricia Hardy & Richard Egan

I’ve never enjoyed writing an engagement story more than my scoop on the coming marriage of Richard Egan and Patricia Hardy. Both young, successful, Irish, of the same religious faith—they seem born for each other.

Neither has been married before. What a relief it was to write a story in which I didn’t have to end with “The bridegroom-to-be was previously married to So-and-So, So-and-So and So-and-So,” or, “The bride-to-be has three children by three former marriages—but is sure she has found the love of her life in No. 4!”

Richard and Pat are just two wonderful young people in love. She told me she is giving up her own career because “Dick’s is so much more important and the most important thing in my life is making him happy. From the day of our marriage I’ll be just Mrs. Richard Egan, housewife. And that will be my happiest role.”

They have known each other about two and a half years and Pat tells me it was not a case of love at first sight. “I think that’s for storybooks, anyway,” she said. “But as I grew to know Dick, and he to know me, we knew we were falling more and more in love. I thoroughly believe in long engagements—or perhaps I should say, long friendships before marriage.”

Although they dated over two years, Pat didn’t receive her engagement ring until a few weeks ago. On one of their regular nights to dine out, Dick took her to dinner at Romanoff’s. Looking at the menu, Pat mused, “I wonder what I’ll have?” Dick said, “How about this?” and slipped the sparkler, a five-and-a-half carat diamond, on the right finger.

All I can add is “much health and happiness” to Pat and Dick in a marriage that seems so RIGHT . . . that seems so ‘made in heaven.’





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