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    Prince Valiant

    From the pages of history and shadowy legends comes Twentieth Century-Fox’s medieval romance of “Prince Valiant,” the Viking youth whose daring and bravery wins him a knighthood in the court of the British chieftain, King Arthur. In an age when men’s worth was measured by their valor and maidens’ by fairness of face, the love story of Viking Prince Val (Bob Wagner) and Briton Princess Aleta (Janet Leigh) rivals the later love story of Romeo for Juliet. For this new CinemaScope, Technicolor production, Twentieth chose a star-studded cast to play the brilliant roles, from King Arthur and Sir Launcelot to Princess Ilene and The Black Knight: Bob Wagner, Janet Leigh, Debra Paget, Sterling Hayden, James Mason, Brian Aherne, Tom Conway, Victor McLaglen and Barry Jones. And as the Arthurian legends might say, “there was no braver nor nobler Prince . . . no fairer maiden . . . no truer pair of lovers” than in this fabulous period of romantic history.



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