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Memo On Robert Wagner

It all started out beautifully. Bob arrived at the annual Bing Crosby Golf Tournament still glowing from his last success—winning the L.A. Open Pro-Amateur Tournament.

The first thing he did was make a hole-in-one. Every fan (golf and movie) at the Pebble Beach Del Monte Course started following him. That was the first day.

The second day the weather went bad—and so did Bob. He hooked, sliced, missed and dunked his golf balls in the ocean. His special caddie, Stymie, was horrified.

The fans remained loyal. Having added up his score and found it to be one of the worst of his career, Bob cheerfully turned to signing autographs for them.

But every cloud has a silver lining. Bob picked up his date, young singer Anna Maria Alberghetti and drowned his sorrows in a sundae for two.

Then, determined to prove that he’s still a sportsman, he took Anna Maria to Kerr’s sports shop and gave her lessons in the fine art of shooting.

Furthermore, never being one to hold a grudge, he led her to the golfing department and showed her how to hold an iron. She learned fast, he reported.

Finally, feeling completely his old self, he took Anna home in his sports car, promised her further lessons as soon as he’s through doing publicity for White Feather.



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