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His Favorite Girl!—Elvis Presley

On February 1, 1968, at 5:01 in the evening, Lisa Marie Presley came into the world. Her parents, Elvis and Priscilla, were ecstatic, with Elvis saying happily to the press, “The baby’s a girl, Lisa Marie. I’m the happiest man in the whole world!” From the start, Lisa had a sheltered life. She didn’t go to the nursery with the other newborns; instead Lisa spent her hospital stay in the privacy of her mother’s room. At Graceland, Lisa’s room had everything a little girl could want. When Elvis and Priscilla divorced, they had joint custody of Lisa. She spent vacations and school recesses with Elvis in Memphis.

Leaving the hospital, the Presleys with their bundle of joy stop for a few pictures.

Lisa weighed 6 Ibs. 15 oz. and was twenty inches long.

A proud moment—Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie pose for a rare family portrait.

Lisa Marie and a playmate in front of the Bis & Beau Boutique (which Priscilla opened in 1973.)

Elvis loved to play games with Lisa. Here they share a favorite—peek-a-boo.

At 12, Lisa Marie is the image of her father.

Priscilla and Lisa took a trip to England, after Elvis’ death.


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