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Here’s Elvis Presley. . .

Elvis Presley is married. He eloped while on a three-day pass from his camp in Germany and his bride is a twenty-year-old attractive brunette he was known to date before being drafted.

The ceremony was a quiet one, performed by the mayor of the small town three miles from the camp. Only American to attend the wedding was Hank Theobald, a close friend of Elvis, who acted as best man.

Hank told me: “Elvis and Ruth are very much in love. They had been seeing a great deal of each other until he was sent over here and ever since have been writing almost every day. They decided to get married quite a while ago but wanted to keep it secret so that they both would have a chance to find out if they were sure of themselves.

“Ruth came over to Germany just a week ago and while she was traveling Elvis was like a cat on hot bricks worrying that she was all right.

“I’m pretty sure no one else knew about their plans. Elvis was so concerned that it all be kept very quiet, so that they might spend the first few days of their married lives quietly together without being pestered by photographers.

“Ruth is a wonderful girl and I’m sure they are going to be very happy. She looked absolutely radiant at the ceremony and so pretty. She had on a cute striped blue dress with a tiny hat and was carrying a tiny white bouquet—lilies-of-the-valley, I think.”

Then Hank explained, “They met each other a long while ago—even before Elvis became famous. I’m not sure if they went to high school together but I think Elvis did mention it.

“You don’t know how difficult it was to keep the wedding secret,” he added. “I was more flustered at times than they were. But now I’m sure everyone’s thrilled that they’re so happy.”

by A. PRILL FUEL, our Special Correspondent in Germany


It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1959

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