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    Have Fun, Be Mad, Join Hollywood’s Newest Fad!

    “It’s the latest around Hollywood,” Carol Lynley explained to us and Sal Mineo. Carol had just returned from making her first picture, Walt Disney’s “The Light in the Forest.” “All the kids are doing it . . . sewing their favorite star’s autograph on summer beach togs.” Pencil autographs blur and ink smears—but stitches stay put after laundering.”

    “Madness,” teased Sal.


    “Then some of the kids got the idea of copying the hand and footprints out at Grauman’s. Some of us who knew some stars went one step further. We started to collect our own—-Tab Hunter’s, Nick Adams’, Dean Stockwell’s, Jimmie Rodgers’ . . .”


    “Not mine,” laughed Sal, pretending to run. “I’m off to Columbia—for ‘Tubie’s Monument.’ ”

    “What girl’s collection would be complete without your big feet?” flipped Carol. Sal laughingly agreed to give her outlines and autograph. She showed him how she stitched on his own John Hancock!


    “How about sharing your collection with our readers?” we asked. And, surprisingly, Carol said, “Sure.” They’re all yours for the asking. For Free!



    Which star’s feet, hand and autograph patterns do you want? Want directions for making the terry topper, beach poncho, beach chemise? And how ’bout instructions for making your own boyfriend’s hand, foot and signature outlines? Just state your choice of star and other free directions, and send them plus a long, business envelope (stamped with at least 6c), self-addressed to: Photoplay, Dept. NE, 205 East 42nd St., N. Y. 17, N. Y.


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JULY 1958

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