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A Date With Eddie Fisher

Introduced by a mutual friend, Eddie and Mala began their first date on the famous corner of Sunset and Vine near NBC where Eddie had been rehearsing his TV show.

First stop was at Stan’s Drive In, TV and radio stars’ hangout. “Those page boys,” Mala said, “will probably end up vice presidents.” “Good,” said Eddie. “I’ll hang around and maybe wind up as a page boy!”

At famous Farmers’ Market they sampled several of the 37 varieties of fruit juice at one stand. “I feel sort of guilty,” Eddie remarked, “drinking anything but a Coke.”

Next they paused for fried fish and potatoes. “Talk about your rustic atmosphere,” Eddie said, ordering the food, “l’d like to come out here and rub it in my hair for a few years!”

Enjoying his second trip much more than his first, Eddie said he’d like to telecast some of his TV shows from Hollywood, had been conferring all that morning with “the guys in scriptville” (his term) about it.

Equipped with ice cream cones Eddie and Mala headed for the hills, took in churches, mansions, and Mandeville Canyon to complete their tour of the other Hollywood.



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