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The Personal Side—Elvis Presley

Because of his fame Elvis Presley wasn’t able to lead a simple life. He could never walk down the street, unless he wanted to cause a riot. To be seen in a restaurant or nightclub was unheard of. Elvis was a prisoner behind those golden gates of Graceland. So, Elvis would devise ways to amuse himself, to make up for the normal life he couldn’t lead. He would rent an entire amusement park, or movie theatre after hours. Graceland contained all the pleasures he longed for.

Being alone was a rare thing for Elvis. Usually he was surrounded by his buddies, the “Memphis Mafia,” a group of guys who were Elvis’s bodyguards and friends. They would help him through those difficult times.

Along with horses and cars a motorcycle provided fun.

People close to Elvis remembered him as a serious man.

Elvis loved to ride his bike on the grounds of Graceland.

Relaxing on the set, Elvis often had a pensive look. 

Even at the start of his career, Elvis was mobbed by fans and press. So, he learned to cherish those moments by himself.

Elvis hid behind sunglasses to mask the loneliness he felt.


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