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Knockouts In Knits

We won’t say the tight-fitting sweater-girl look has gone forever. But if you’re really hep to what’s new, you’ll let yourself go for the newest in sweater lines—casual, straight and boldly eye-catching. And don’t say the guys won’t go for them. Men are funny critters. They may whistle at the line-huggers but they’ll melt over your modern knit knockouts. These hep glamour gals have fallen hard for the new heavy ribbed knits, the colorful Italian-inspired sweaters with matching skirts, gloves and hoods.

Anne Francis. For wearing on fun days, cold days and sun days, the classical cardigan’s her favorite. And with such a doll in it, to brighten each fun minute, it’s no wonder that most guys still favor it

Joan Collins. With casual grace, she sets a smart pace, in sweater both fiery and bold.

And we guarantee when spied by some he,she won’t be left out in the cold

Barbara Rush. In her demure turtleneck, this knockout in knit proves a gal’s sex appeal doesn’t depend on the fit!

Joanne Gilbert. When guys go she-ing and gals go skiing and the wind is bitter and cold, what better way to go out and play than in this sweater hooded and bold!

Nicola Michaels. In muted stripes of gray and white, she tempts that elusive him. Oh, pray tell us mister, how can you resister—this lady so glamorous and trim

Elsa Martinelli. Nautical but nice in her middy-style sweater, she’d start a storm at sea or a mutiny to get her!



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