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“Just For You”

Here’s more than a mere follow-up on “Here Comes the Groom.” The story is again neatly tailored to Der Bingle’s comfortable style, but its theme is simpler and warmer than the first Crosby-Wyman laugh hit.

Bing’s a composer-producer too absorbed in his stage musicals to be a real father to his children. There’s a nice difference between the attitude of the two kids. As the younger. Natalie Wood resignedly figures a father’s job is just “to make money and be famous.” As the older, Bob Arthur is resentful. Criticizing Bob’s first effort at a torch song, Bing asks, “What do you know about being lonely?’’ And Bob says. “Quite a lot.” Jane also gets her share of the “too- busy” routine. Truly in love with his song star. Bing just hasn’t had time to ask her to replace the children’s late mother.

On this solid base the picture builds an airy structure of tunes and understanding humor. Snub- nosed. trim-figured Jane is so at home in comedy you forget how she won her Oscar. Natalie, growing into a surprisingly pretty girl, is artful as ever, and Bob does a picture of first love that’s not quite the usual “puppy love,” And Bing? He doesn’t look as if he’s half-trying. but even Ethel Barry- more can’t steal a scene from him.


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