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Under Hedda’s Hat

The slap that Anna Kashfi bestowed upon Marlon was heard around the world, with ninety percent of the people applauding her. If there was ever any question of Anna’s being Welsh instead of Indian, that slap would have settled it. But then I picked up a paper and saw that Nehru had taken a swing at his bodyguard. You just can’t hardly tell any more.

Anyway, I don’t dig this guy Brando. He battles Anna, claims he’s married to Movita, who bore him another son, and then openly dates Tarita. Brando also claims he’ll be through with acting when he finishes “The Ugly American,” and aims to spend his time producing and directing. Wonder who’ll be foolish enough to put up cash.

Anita Ekberg didn’t get out often when she flew here to keep Rod Taylor company (above). About the only place she was seen publicly was her dentist’s office. Rod and Anita might just end up getting hitched—and I hope she brings Rod better luck than she brought Anthony Steele.

I didn’t ask Warren Beatty if he was going to marry Natalie Wood, but I did ask if he and his sister Shirley MacLaine were getting on better. Smiling, he replied: “That’s like that old question ‘Have you stopped beating your wife?’ I’ve found there are some subjects I’m much better off not talking about because there’s a chance people may misunderstand what I say.” Then he smiled a wider smile and said, “Yes, Shirley and I get on very well.”

In 1955 Natalie Wood told me: “All I ever want to do is act.” I asked her recently if that statement still stood. “No, that’s not all I want out of life. I want what everyone else does—love, a husband, children and a happy marriage.” Then I asked, “Would you give up your career for all those things?”

“I don’t know,” said Natalie. “It would depend. But I don’t think a woman can be happy just devoting her entire life to a career.” I don’t think Natalie would give it up even if Warren Beatty asked her to marry him.

Lana Turner got some added insurance for the picture she did with Dean Martin: she lured ace cinematographer Joe Ruttenberg away from M-G-M. It’s the first time he’s left that lot in thirty-six years. M-G-M glamour girls fought tooth and nail over his services during all those years. You could always tell who was tops by checking to see if Joe was behind the camera.

The day Frank Sinatra announced his engagement to Juliet Prowse was a red-letter one for him—and his friends. (And I’m including myself!) I saw Frank the day after and he hasn’t looked as happy in fifteen years. I think this will be a very happy marriage—she’s the perfect wife for him; she’s not demanding and understands when he wants to be with the boys. She’s very much in love— and that’s just what Frankie needs. I’m sure he’s been lonely these past months, even though he’d never admit it. When I asked him about the marriage he said: “This is it, Hedda. I’m in love at last.”

I’ve always suspected that when Frank was ready to take a bride he’d announce it himself—and he did. Some years ago when Lauren Bacall announced she would marry him, I knew it wasn’t so and predicted that her statement would break up their friendship. It did! Frankie blew his top and never spoke to her. Oh, well, she’s got Jason Robards now!

Tony Perkins was never one to go around kissing women in public, but Melina Mercouri has changed that (above). Hmmm, I wonder how Jules Dassin feels?

Everyone is twisting and I’m no exception. (That’s a torchy twist I’m doing above with Bob Cummings at my twist party.) A few nights later I was at it again at Al and Betty Bloomingdale’s big Romanoff party. Only Jack Benny and Arlene Dahl didn’t do it. Jack thinks it’s crazy and Arlene’s husband won’t let her twist—he thinks it’s vulgar! But even the twist took a back seat when Georgie Hamilton and Princess Soraya had a spat at the party. She told him off—but good—and then made a hasty exit—alone. The next day she flew off to Munich. My, my, but young Mr. Hamilton has an effect on women—doesn’t he! Little Susan Kohner has all my deepest, heart-felt sympathy.

When Colonel Parker brought in some new contracts for Elvis to sign, Elvis invited him to stay and have a cup of coffee. He’d never done that before, so the Colonel knew something was up. After he downed the coffee, he walked outside and there stood a beautiful Lincoln Continental, and Presley handed the colonel the keys. Here’s the real surprise though—it was Elvis’ birthday!

Well, if they haven’t got Dr. Freud playing opposite The Girl Next Door. And I do mean Monty Clift and Doris Day. I’ll bet they’ll have fun between takes comparing complexes. The picture’s called “The Perfect Set-Up.” I’d say it certainly was.

The Efrem Zimbalists don’t give up easily. After their separation they tried going steady for a while. But it was the same old story. The girl who kept him company for a while was starlet Peggy McKay.

I hated to see Ann-Margret become a blonde for a role in “State Fair,” but I hear she gave a brilliant performance. When the picture’s released she goes back to her natural color. Her New York beau, Burt Sugarman, came out to visit her and even had his Jaguar car flown all the way from the big city. And while here, twenty-two-year-old Burt’s keeping his eye on a chain of restaurants his pa owns.

Tony Curtis explains those persistent rumors about his marital difficulties are due to his dislike for flying. Janet takes a plane while he takes a train and she gets there afore him. Psychiatry didn’t help Tony’s phobia about planes, although he served on a submarine during the war. (That’s the last time his personality was submerged!)

Tony Quinn is suing Yul Brynner for a million bucks. He claims Yul stole a story from him. If he collects, Quinn will use the money to build a retreat for actors, artists and writers on 400 acres on the isle of Rhodes. The real estate was a gift from the King and Queen of Greece. And if Yul has to pay off, he’ll probably be the first one to seek refuge there.

Princess Yasmin, Rita Hayworth’s twelve-year-old girl, is quite a charmer. She wins friends wherever she goes. In Paris, recently, she went the glamour route—new hairdo, dress showings, etc. Her chaperone was Bettina, the gal Ali Khan would have married if he’d lived. Bettina, Yasmin and chum (above) all had a ball in the City of Lights.

It’s supposed to be all over between Richard Beymer and French sexpot Dany Saval, but he hasn’t gotten back his ring or other attractive baubles he’d given her, so who knows? Maybe Paris in the spring will get him again. Meantime, Susan Strasberg is ready to take up where Dany left off.

June Allyson not only got Dick Powell back but also got a brand new home in Harbor Island, complete with a private dock for their huge yacht. She also received a sunburst diamond. Dick can afford it. He could buy half of Beverly Hills if Fred MacMurray and John Boles would sell it to him.

“Old-fashioned” is the word for Piper Laurie’s wedding to Joe Morgenstern (above) in Los Angeles. Held at the home of her sister, the affair was brimming with family. This is one marriage you know will last.

When Jerry Giesler, Hollywood’s best known and most expensive legal eagle was alive, every star in trouble screamed, “Get me Giesler!” He served such celebrities as Charlie Chaplin, Errol Flynn, Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner, Robert Mitchum and Walter Wanger. But not one of them showed up for his funeral. But I must admit it would have been a bit difficult for Errol Flynn to have come.

Jack Pepper, in a show with Bob Hope, was introduced as “Cynthia Pepper’s father,” and he blew up. Said he: “I’ve been an actor for thirty-seven years. First they introduced me as ‘Ginger Rogers’ husband,’ then as ‘Ginger Rogers’ ex.’ Now, they’re introducing me as my daughter’s father.”

Pat Boone took his four little daughters out of school to go along with him and wife Shirley to London for “Main Attraction.” Shirley was upset when he was told he’d have to learn trapeze work for the film.

“I’ll come over to the lot and watch,” she said. “When I think it’s getting too dangerous, I’m going to call it off.” She wept, but became so intrigued she learned right along with him. She’s pretty good, too.

Peter Lawford’s career has certainly taken an upswing since his brother-in-law moved into the White House. Now I’m not saying the boy doesn’t have talent. But I remember the time when he went to all the premieres and parties with Rocky and Gary Cooper. He always got his name in the papers and that publicity got him jobs.


That’s all the news under my hat now. See you next month



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