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    Call It A Day—Doris Day

    To casual observers, Doris Day doesn’t look like the type who would be a big box office star. She doesn’t feel like one, either. For Doris isn’t acting when she’s on screen—she’s being herself. And even the most cynical moviegoer reacts to her warm friendliness. Old friends gasp when they see her son Terry—he’s a small male version of the sunny, freckle-faced kid they remember so well. Maybe that’s why Marty went overboard for Terry the way he did for Doris. Take it from Mr. Melcher, they’re irresistible!

    Even the patio roof isn’t allowed to keep the sun out

    Marty’s idea of glamour—blue jeans and a sweater

    Time off for a little billing and cooing on the side

    Doris tunes up for one of the family jam sessions

    She’s the tailored type, but for her bedroom, frills!

    At the Melchers, coffee, like Doris, is always perking

    An apple every day keeps the Day figure that way

    Hi, neighbor! The Melchers are crazy about Dutch doors

    Night out—and after dinner, to see “April in Paris”



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