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    If You Fell In Love With A Married Man. . . What Would You Do?

    Dating and mating problems affect both single and married women. In this special section, two women—one married (Debbie Reynolds), one single (Diane McBain)—tell you honestly, openly how they’ve coped with these problems. We feel they are two of the frankest, most helpful stories ever printed....

    Love Is A Violent Agreement

    Said Troy, “Love is the word yes, the phrase, I will, the promise, I understand. Love is when everything and nothing makes sense. Take Suzanne Pleshette. I made love to her all day long...

    Exposed: Hollywood’s Sizzling Feuds!

    Peter Breck & Gene Barry Jeanne Moreau & Brigitte Bardot James Garner & Anthony Franciosa The Beatles & Dean Martin Lauren Bacall & Tony Curtıs Jerry Lewis & Allen & Rossi Burt Lancaster & Ernest Borgnine...