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RUMOR: “Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio planned their wedding for last summer—but the fear of publicity kept them from tying the knot. . . .”

FACT: Nothing to it! Marilyn, who has never known security in her life, was afraid of what marriage might do to her career. Her 20th contract was the only real protection she ever had, and she feared marriage might anger her bosses. Her salary was small, so on the advice of her managers, she balked at making “Pink Tights.” She was stunned when the studio suspended her. It was then that she decided her real security might be with Joe and marriage.

RUMOR: “It looks like the end between Fernando Lamas and his long-time girl friend, Arlene Dahl . . .”

FACT: It’s true. It does. But we saw him buying her an expensive gift at a Beverly Hills jewelry in the middle of their estrangement. This could be one of those endings that’s only a time-out!

RUMOR: “Jane Powell may be seeing Pat Nerney, Mona Freeman’s ex, but there’s no possibility of this turning into a romance . . .” 

FACT: Pat and Janie really flipped for each other on their second date. And unless something drastic happens, they plan to get married. But Jane has been such a target lately that she wants to keep the news quiet—until she’s free to hear those wedding bells!

RUMOR: “Jane Russell has big plans for the day she is free from her contract with Howard Hughes . . .”

FACT: Jane Russell is just about as confused about the future as a girl can possibly be. She dreads the day she winds up her agreement—one of fifteen years’ standing—with Hughes. She likes Hughes very much and is aware that he made her a star against great odds. She would like to stay with him, but even so, she’s asking for the moon. Her plans are all up in the air.

RUMOR: “Corinne Calvet was really broken up over her separation from John Bromfield . . .”

FACT: Corinne Calvet is one of our favorite people, but in the matter of her separation, she showed the oddest sense of humor. The real reason for the rift is a third party. But Corinne announced she was leaving John because they’d been married so long they were beginning to look alike. Said they should part until they began to look like themselves again. That transformation seems to have taken place fast.

RUMOR: “We saw the old Judy Garland on the set of ‘A Star Is Born.’ She looks great and they say is happy to be back in harness . . .”

FACT: Nobody saw the old Judy Garland—and no one ever may again. Making “A Star Is Born” has been one of the real ordeals of Judy’s trying life. But Judy was determined to finish it no matter how much it took out of her. Those who have seen it say she sings wonderfully and looks good—but we’ll bet it will be a long time before she makes another movie.

RUMOR: “That romance Maureen O’Hara has had going in Mexico for so many months is waning . . .”

FACT: Waning might be the word. You see, Maureen’s fellow down in Mexico is married—although separated from his wife. Her close pals say Maureen is in love with him, but she’s not the kind of girl to play around with a married man. She believed at first that a divorce was coming up. Now she’s not so sure—and she will more than likely drop the senor with a thud.

RUMOR: “Too bad about the Dale Robertsons breaking up. Such a nice young couple . . .”

FACT: They are both nice kids, but this is the mismatch of the era. Almost from the time they married, they knew it was a mistake. When they broke up before, after their baby was born, they knew they were finished, but they went back together on the advice of friends and his bosses. Just no go, though.



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