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    Paint A Pretty Picture

    Here isn’t another person in the whole world just like you. In return for this gift of individuality, it’s up to you to experiment until you bring your face to its loveliest. One of your most important beauty assets is your mouth. Make the most of it.

    1- A face, to be perfectly proportioned, should divide into three equal sections; From the hairline to top of nose; from top of nose to its base; from base of nose to tip of chin—with the lips opening exactly at the halfway point. If your upper lip is too close to your nose, make it up narrowly, not so much as a hairsbreadth above the natural lip line. If your lower lip is too far from the tip of your chin, make it up fully, carry your lip rouge below your real lip line. If your mouth is too close to your chin, give yourself a full upper lip and a narrow lower lip. Ann Sothern is a fine example of this latter.

    2- Above all, let your eyes dominate! Greer Garson has an angled face, prominent cheek bones, high-lifted eyes. But her lips, made up with definite angles, complement her eyes charmingly. Katie Grayson has round eyes and a little round nose. So she makes up her mouth round.

    3- More people see you in profile than full face. If you fill in your lipstick right to the ends of your mouth it usually produces a “down” line—which is likely to make you look slightly disagreeable and older. As you end your upper Up, carry the line up a little, never down. This takes practice. But you’ll count it worth while when, at last, you see by your profile that your mouth gives you a smiling, young appearance.

    4- Use a real painter’s brush (a camel’s hair one), with a full-length handle, to apply your lipstick. Not only is it less expensive than a regular lipstick brush but it will last longer.

    5- Do what the smart Hollywood girls do—save stubs of old lipsticks and use them right down to the end with your brush.

    6- If you’re very young and have light skin, pink Up- stick in the daytime is enchanting. For evening, use darker, richer colors.

    7- In winter weather, use a greasier type lipstick—to prevent chapping.

    8- When you’re on a date and your make-up needs repairing, visit the powder room. Don’t let your dream man see the mechanics of your beauty.


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