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    P.S. Your First Color Photo

    Here’s the prize—we called six states to get this first color portrait in first Army outfit—fatigues!

    “Falling out” at 6:00 A.M., instead of going to bed–Ow!

    A far cry from Romanoff’s, but chow was okay—remember?

    ’Ten-shun! Who said you can’t stand so still? Kere’s proof

    Now you know why the Army’s slogan is “hurry up and wait”

    The fine art of bedmaking–watch those wrinkles, son!

    Look who got clipped. Feeling a bit light-headed, soldier?

    Leaving scene of the crime. Oh, girls, the pity of it!

    If the shoe doesn’t fit–wear it! No more blue suedes

    A uniform makes a man—sharp. But ties are pain in the neck

    Just one in a crowd—hoist that barracks bag and march!

    Off to begin a new career as Pvt. Presley, ASN 53310761


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JULY 1958

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