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    You Asked Us-What Are They Doing Now?


    Long famed in movies, Robert Young, Jane Wyatt and Ed Wynn are winning new laurels on TV. Ed’s also made surprise movie hit in dramatic roles

    Jeanette MacDonald and Gene Raymond recently celebrated 21st anniversary with party at Las Vegas

    Ginger Rogers is mulling lush TV offers—and stepping out with Arthur Cameron

    Well, if it isn’t Farley Granger, now a New Yorker on a daily radio show with Vera Bacal (Lauren’s aunt)

    Jan Sterling was one of many who welcomed Hedy Lamarr back to Hollywood. Hedy’s resuming her career

    Lively as ever, Greer Garson recently scored hit as Broadway s “Auntie Mame”

    “Not for me!” says Janet Gaynor of TV. But Loretta Young, with her own show going strong, loves it. Eric Johnson s neutral. Janet’s happy on Brazil ranch


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE OCTOBER 1958

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