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    Hollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelors


    He’s saving his money and shopping for a house. But it will take a smart girl to get him in the marrying mood, as Bob’s in love with his career. However, when you add up his assets—looks, charm, social background, plus the $52,000 a year he now earns—you can hardly blame the girls for trying


    He says he wants to get married but can’t find “the girl.” With all the unattached beauties around, Scott must be looking in the wrong direction! This temperamental Irishman loves the outdoors, so the girl who goes after him should be a good sport


    He sings, plays the piano, dances like a dream and has no intention of staying in his $200-a-week bracket. A handsome six-footer who keeps in trim at the gym, this year’s “Choose Your Stars” winner looks like a good bet for stardom—and marriage


    Although he dresses as if he didn’t have a cent to his name, Marlon gets $150,000 per picture and invests most of it in cattle. He’s financially sound but while he can be charming on occasion, most girls don’t go for his moods and unconventional behaviour


    A big, happy, good-natured guy, Rock’s fun to be with and probably would be fun to live with. Hollywood experts think marriage would be good for his career. At his salary —he makes $1,000 a week—he could afford it. But Rock likes playing the field


    A south-of-the-border charmer with Viking good looks, he had two leading stars fighting over him the minute he landed in Hollywood. But this guy’s as discreet as he is devastating. And now the girls are wondering: Did he leave his heart in Argentina?


    He doesn’t have to call the girls—the girls call him. Married and divorced, he has a way with women. But he seldom dates the same girl twice. His heart belongs to his young daughter. With Byron, it looks like a case of “Love me, love my baby!’’


    Brute force? Virile charm? A lot of people have tried to analyze Clark’s amazing hold on female affections. Right now, a certain Parisian model seems to be the leading contender for his heart. But don’t give up, girls. Clark’s unpredictable!


    Girls who turn green in a boat wouldn’t do for this man—he’s an ardent sailor, spends most of his time on the water. And he’s mighty entertaining with the guitar. Another thing—his wife would have to be a good cook. He loves to eat


    Love in a cottage would never appeal to this fellow. He likes to travel, prefers sophisticated girls, especially the Continental type. Right now he’s having a ball, dating dozens of girls in Europe. Farley earns $90,000 a picture—enough to support a wife in the style to which he’s become accustomed. A man of moods, he’s charming, somber or gay. But don’t take him too seriously. He’s not quite ready for marriage


    A girl would have to take the initiative with Monty. But she’d better be subtle—or he’ll shy away. Monty has the reputation of being a lone wolf—but the story is that he once was really in love. When he falls in love again it will be with the same kind of intensity you see in his acting. He has no problems financially he gets $150,000 to $200,000 a picture—and professionally, Monty’s career is solid as a rock



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