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    Hollywood Picture Gallery


    That Reynolds sparkle is getting around! After finishing “The Affairs of Debie Gillis,” Debbie rushed to Dallas for stage debut in “Best Foot Forward,” then back home to film “Susan Slept Here”


    When two weeks with pay roll round, most people head for the mountains or the seashore. But not Murph! This soldier-at-heart spent his spare time as an instructor in the Texas National Guard. But he’s back now—and Hollywood has him—in “Tumbleweed”


    Who said men were scarce in Hollywood? Terry, of all people! With guys like Nicky Hilton, Greg Bautzer, Al Besselink and Bob Wagner, who’s with her in “Beneath the Twelve-Mile Reef,” calling, we’d say Terry wins easily as the most dated girl in town!


    Hollywood was surprised when Susan suddenly went off on that dream trip to Europe. But it was shocked when, shortly after her return to Hollywood and work in “The Gladiators,” the redhead announced her separation from her husband, Jess Barker


    When you’re headed for a Hawaiian holiday with your wife it’s no fun to have work jinx your plans. Especially if your wife’s Jean Simmons. But Stewart Granger and Jean will head for hulaland anyway—as soon as he’s complete “Beau Brummel”


    Getting back to a horse is great for Alan Ladd. But even greater, for a guy who’s been working and holidaying abroad for months, is getting back to his own side of the Atlantic. Ladd’s on location closer to home, in Canada, where he’s working in “Saskatchewan”


    This Florida cow wasn’t at all surprised to meet a mermaid in her pasture! As a matter of fact, she found Esther “Easy to Love.” After this film, Esther will be swimming in her own backyard. She has a date with the stork the end of November


    It was a torrid day when Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, those sultry sirens of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” left their marks in the forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. But it wasn’t the heat that got the spectators. It was the humanity. Even the cement melted!


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE OCTOBER 1953

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