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Based on Edna Ferber’s best-seller, “Giant” spans three generations, moving from the fox- hunting country of Virginia where Bick Benedict (Rock Hudson) a finds his bride, Leslie (Elizabeth Taylor), to the crude young state of Texas and Bick’s five-hundred-thousand-acre cattle ranch. Bick, his sister, Luz (Mercedes McCambridge), and his sullen, ambitious ranch foreman, Jett Rink (James Dean), have little in common-with Leslie, who at first hates their world and this alien country. The discovery Of, oil on Jett’s land and the marriages of Bick’s oldest son (Dennis Hopper) to the daughter of one of Bick’s Mexican ranch hands brings a powerful climax to an age-old struggle—the struggle of yesterday to hold back tomorrow.

At a picnic for the newlyweds, the girl who’d hoped to marry Bick Benedict (Rock Hudson) makes friends with Bick’s bride from the East, Leslie (Elizabeth Taylor) 

Bick’s sister, Luz (Mercedes McCambridge ), is Leslie’s worn foe when she realizes Leslie hates the land, the life Luz loves. An embittered ranch foreman, Jett Rink es (James Dean) discovers the emptiness of wealth when oil makes him a millionaire



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