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    Can Rock Hudson’s Marriage Be Saved?

    HER SIDE   Everything had seemed so perfect when Phyllis Gates was wed to Rock Hudson, every girl’s dream man—handsome, tall and strong, steady, faithful and honest. The kind of man who makes an ideal husband. And, with his career going into high gear, there wasn’t a...

    The Made Him A Star—John Saxon

    No talent scout tapped him on the shoulder. No studio has ever given him any kind of buildup. Now it can be told—the amazing story of the way only fate, the fans and Photoplay turned an unknown boy named Carmen Orrico into sensational John Saxon....

    That’s Hollywood For You

    I ask you: Do you feel safer now that Elvis is in the Army protecting you? . . . Dorothy Malone seldom admits anything is impossible, and has an Oscar to prove it . . . If there ever was an actress who looked like...