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    Beefcake Kings

    Kirk Douglas Though often cast as the Knave of Hearts, femmes flipped over his devil-may-care charm. Magnetic, with a zest for living, he’s still, at 39, in royal command of his thrilled subjects. 6, 175 lbs., Kirk maintains those muscles with swimming, wrestling. He’d be a tough guy to dethrone!

    Rock Hudson The bachelor king until his recent marriage, he’s also the biggest—6 4, 200 lbs. A gregarious guy, he loves people, parties and good food. Skin diving, swimming, keep him in trim—a king-sized talent keeps him on top. At 30, Rock holds a solid place in the affections of his fans

    Alan Ladd With a build like this, no wonder the gals sigh, “Long live this king!” 5‘ 10½”, 147 lbs., Alan, at 42, offers stiff competition for any contenders to his throne. A champion high diver, swimmer, riding expert, Alan keeps fit working on his farm, stays tops at movie box office

    Jack Sernas This European-born contender (top) for beefcake crown fluttered femme hearts with classic love-making in “Helen of Troy.” Handsome and husky—he’s 6, 165 lbs.—Jack speaks several languages, writes. is expert at boxing, tennis, skiing—thinks all American gals are beautiful!

    Jeff Hunter He might have gone on thrilling co-eds’ hearts as college football hero if he hadn’t become interested in radio, then movies. 6 1. 185 Ibs., Jeff keeps that terrific torso in shape with various sports, is getting plenty of exercise these days rushing from one film to another!

    George Nader One of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars, when he strips down for the beach, even the mermaids come out of hiding! 6 1, 185 lbs., he keeps fit with weight-lifting, ocean swimming. A popular date, George, right, takes career seriously, is a virile hit in “Away All Boats”


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JUNE 1956

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