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    The Way To A Man’s Heart

    The first time we met pert and pretty Norma Moore. was in Hollywood, where she was making “Fear Strikes Out” with Tony Perkins. Over a commissary luncheon, we found out that Norma, a so-so cook, would like to be able to serve up at least one “good dish.” So when we heard Norma was in New York. we made a date to have her meet Bruno, who owns the “Pen and Pencil.” a favorite restaurant of visiting Hollywood stars. We explained Norma’s problem and Bruno promised a quick solution. Norma came over with Jimmy Sisco, young dancer in Broad- way’s “New Faces,” and in less time than it took to eat it, Norma had her specialty, Bruno’s own Caesar Salad: Romaine, broken. not cut; one-minute eggs; croutons; grated parmesan cheese; and anchovies. Toss well!



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