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Modern Screen Goes Along With Debbie & Eddie To Elizabeth Taylor’s Wedding Party

Dear David,

Here’s the story you wanted—Liz and Mike’s wedding party. Incidentally, I almost didn’t make it. Except for Eddie Fisher’s pants, I wouldn’t have. I had to borrow a pair from him at the last minute—’cause my own tropicals got lost in the shuffle. It was real mad! To get back to the wedding party, you can believe me when I tell you that it was just about the poshest party that’s ever been thrown.

Mike flew in 15,000 white gladiolas from Mexico City to carpet the lawn of the Acapulco estate where the wedding and shindig were held. Twenty-two cases of champagne were iced and waiting and there was a buffet supper of giant crabs and baby lobsters, baked oysters, caviar, smoked turkey—and all the Mexican dishes that anybody could possibly want.

The ceremony was performed by the Mayor of Acapulco, Mario Lopetegui. But enough of all this; one picture’s worth reams and reams of my letterwriting—and here are fourteen of just about the greatest pictures ever snapped, in addition to my captions—telling all.

Look ’em over, boy. Feel like you were there, too?

Liz is in Warners’ Giant. Watch for her soon in MGM’s Raintree County.



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