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    Happy Birthday, Baby Carrie—Debbie Reynolds

    Look who is one! O star-produced

    Princess Carrie, you are introduced

    So blithe and bonnie, good and gay,

    Being born on the Sabbath day!!

    Kindly fairies, your next of kin,

    Charm the crib that you sleep in,

    While pink as rose and white as snow

    One by one your beauties show.

    Wonderful was the shining noon

    When you arrived (a trifle soon)

    To make us millions of fan-friends glad

    For your dancing mother and singing dad

    Our whole world echoes any time

    Your dad lulls you with notes and rhyme;

    And we are happy to know you prize

    Your mother’s daily rock-a-byes.

    Princess Carrie, one day you—

    Now one—will toddle on to two,

    First steps, new teeth, an upset tum

    Making all around you hum.

    (And one year, when you’re grown and free,

    You’ll meet your one and, too, be three!)

    So, coo to you, now, birthday baby,

    We love you and don’t mean maybe!!



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